star wars rebels

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  1. pave spectre

    Star Wars Rebels Ghost

    Tie Bomber model is currently in limbo due to not being able to access the tools and materials I need to fix it at the moment, so I have stated working on this between bouts of study. Have seen a few others working on this ship. Also found a bunch of 3D models of this online however most of...
  2. A

    Want to Buy Defective armor or helmet molds wanted.

    I am in need of any deformed or defective molds that members may have no use of. My nephew Riley is 11 years old and suffers from severe autism and is having a pretty tough time right now. His latest tick is washing his hands excessively until they literally bleed and scab. He has endured years...
  3. Bhelia

    Hera Syndulla - Star Wars Rebels (WIP)

    Hi there, I'm currently working on my Hera costume for Celebration Europe in London this year (the husband promised to accompany me as Kanan). My ultimate goal is to become a member of the Rebel Legion. I read some how-to-posts in the Legion Forum but tend to keep to myself in trial and error...
  4. brm

    Star Wars Rebels ID-9 Seeker Droid

    Hi WIP - Star Wars Rebels ID-9 Seeker Droid ... as part of a Seventh Sister cos for my daughter ... all parts constructed (Autodesk Inventor) ... now 3D printing and laser cutting ... hope to be ready soon! first 3D print ... quite satisfied! ;) as constructed with Autodesk Inventor ID-9...
  5. Adika Kagaht

    Imperial Combat Driver / AT-DP Driver

    That's the thing: I want to make everything from Aluminium, as far as possible (helmet will be a bit difficult) Yesteday i started with the front breasplate, this is how far i came: and here is the video for day 1 of the build ^^
  6. J

    Seventh Sister stuff (Rebels)

    Working on this with Fabian and IrishCowboy... :) We've got some ideas for how to tackle her saber (although there's no way I'm risking my sanity by trying to make it spin like in the show, lol). Anyway, here's the WIP on her chest, back, and gauntlets so far: And her belt buckle and...
  7. J

    Interest Rebels Seventh Sister Gear

    Working with Fabian Els and the Irish Cowboy to offer the Seventh Sister's battle gear from Star Wars Rebel... this is one wicked mean b****... ;) Now offering the breastplate (front and back), bracers, and the belt pieces! Breastplate ($300 raw, $400 finished) Chestplate and backplate...
  8. Jake Kassnoff

    EVA Foam Astromech Droid: Chopper

    I built a Life-sized astromech droid out of EVA foam awhile back and made a video of the build progress. Someday I will reinforce it and motorize it.
  9. B

    I need help identifying this part of Slothfurnace's 'Derelict' lightsaber

    Right, as we all know, Slothfurnace's Derelict is an awesome lightsaber prop; one that I have found to be very inspirational with regards to designing my own Graflex style saber. The problem is that I'm having trouble identifying the decorative ring used around the blade, just above the emitter...
  10. KennyZ

    Star Wars Rebels: Chopper

    A few months ago I started building Chopper. Since he's a junk droid I wanted to scavenge as much as possible. The frame was made from scrap wood my neighbor gave me. The scavenging went out the window when I built the legs. I decided to 3d print them. A couple of the early prints had...
  11. R

    Want to Buy Rubies Stormtrooper Helmet?

    Looking for an Original Trilogy Rubies Stormtrooper helmet in decent condition. (It can be any of the versions, just send a pic if you're interested in selling.) I'm making a student film and I need one in a week, but I can only spend at most $30 or $40. (On a tight budget) Anyways, pm me if...
  12. P

    Kids Star awards Rebels cadet uniform?

    Has anyone made a rebels cadet uniform? I would love to get one for my son to troop in.
  13. FireflyEmbers

    Ahsoka Tano (Rebels) Costume Build!

    UPDATE 3/5/16: TEST RUN OF COSTUME COMPLETE. Please scroll down for pictures! :D Hi all! Some of you in the Phoenix area might know me as the blue twi'lek bounty hunter running around (and sometimes a pink twi'lek, I have a mild obsession, yes). I have caught the Ahsoka bug though! I'm...
  14. bookface

    Interest Rebels - Sith Inquisitor helmet

    I sculpted this a while back for someone on the understanding that the casts he got would need a little work before painting. Now that I have someone helping me with casting, I actually have time to finish it properly before making another mould. If I were to do this, would anyone be...
  15. J

    Ahoska Tano Star Wars Rebels WIP

    Hello all! I've recently started working on an Ahsoka Tano Star Wars Rebels edition costume. I'm totally new to this process, so I figured the RPF would be a great place for advice. (If you've got great secrets for building Ahsoka's montrals, please let me know!) I've just discovered worbla...
  16. R

    Mini Sabine Wren costume (first post ever)

    Hello all, This is my first post to the RPF. I posted on the Facebook page a bit ago. But I figured I would give this a try also. I have been working the last few months on making my 5 year old her own Sabine Wren costume. Its a WIP. But I wanted to start sharing what I am doing. This attempt...
  17. ZombieHellfire

    Star Wars Ghost

    Just a curious question, and please forgive if I have missed the topic somewhere, but has anyone done a scratch build of the Ghost from Star Wars Rebels, or even come across a garage kit? She really is a neat looking ship. All I find online are plenty of folks building their Lego versions out...
  18. D

    Kanan Jarrus - First armor attempt

    I utterly forgot to get in-progress pictures as we were rushing for DragonCon, but here's our first ever armor build. Pattern was bought from etsy and modified some. It was drafted for someone tall and skinny, and Aries is short and solid. Costumes are not 100% finished, but enough to take a few...
  19. mothman

    Captain phasma 1 day paint job

    ​Hi everyone just wanted to share my latest CHEAP TOY ,CHEAP PAINT RE-SPRAY. if anyone has any question please let me know:)
  20. D

    Loth-cat plush toy prop

    After watching Star Wars Rebels S1 I have utterly fallen in love with the loth-cat Tookas. I decided I had to make some of my own. I commissioned a custom pattern, played around with it some, colored it in with some help from my husband, got it custom printed on plush minky fabric, and sewed it...
  21. Mollins

    Star Wars Rebels - Kanan's DL-18 Blaster Build

    Hey folks, I've been working on a Kanan costume with Lee for him, and he's started work on building a Rebels style DL-18 for the costume. It's built off of a blueprint of the movie blaster, but then modification done when looking at reference from the show to get it look more like it does in...
  22. O

    WUD - 500 Freighter, Rebels Style.

    Hello, I have been going over some of the old marvel Star Wars comics from the 70's and I found one ship I have never seen done as a 3D model on this site -- Here's a quick look at the ship in question: These are the only good reference images I have been able to come up with, so my version...
  23. M

    3D-Printed Kanan's Blaster (Star Wars Rebels)

    Hi all, This is my progress on my 3D printed Kanan blaster from Star Wars Rebels. I scaled the reference photos then created the CAD in AutoDesk123D. I just printed up the first version and am fairly satisfied with it! I'm considering making modifications to make a functional trigger and...
  24. 213ardj

    Ywing helmet

    Does anyone know where I can find a Y wing fighter helmet?
  25. Mara Jade's Father

    Done / Completed done

    Star Wars: Rebels Logo Pin Concept art: I am doing a run of Rebel Logo Pins. I am hoping to collect enough prepayments (around 30 pins) in order to justify a run. Also prepays allow interested parties to ensure they get the color(s) they want. 1” metal pin with clutch back Color...

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