star wars props

  1. haasofprops

    3D Printed Fennec Shand Concealed Knife & Krrsantan Knuckledusters

    Hi Everyone! I made these a few weeks ago but haven't had the chance to post on here until now. I was waiting ever since the release of the series trailer, and was super excited to finally see the knife fully revealed in episode 3. Here is the link to the .stl file...
  2. JimStrunk

    Clone Drop Ship bench build

    I purchased two scrap/ salvaged Apache engine housings. I’m making two benches, one is a clone wars drop ship themed bench and the other (silver one) will be a Mandalorian Razor Crest themed bench. Still a work in progress but wanted to put up something on RPF as I have not shared any builds.
  3. JCulley3D

    Star Wars Room Tour - Millennium Falcon Bench & Hologram!

    Hey guys, a new video is up as a part of our regular Star Wars prop building show The Rebel Base Build! Join me for a virtual tour and laser cut Millennium Falcon style seating area!