star wars prop

  1. Jediguy

    New Republic Marshall Badge B&C grades

    Clearing these at $10 usd each + shipping. Happy to combine shipping. Please note these are shipping international from Singapore. Payment via paypal. Contact me to finalize the total. Thank you
  2. haasofprops

    Order of the Night Wind Assassin Shock Staff from The Book of Boba Fett

    I just finished this shock staff used by the Night Wind Assassins who were sent to get rid of Boba. My goal was to create a prop by using materials I was able to pick up at my local stores and not use any extreme machinery (just handheld tools). Here is the link to the template I used for the...
  3. JCulley3D

    Finished - Room Size Millennium Falcon Couch Build!

    Star Wars Room Build - Millennium Falcon Bench build! Hey all! As a part of our regular Star Wars prop building show I release regular Star Wars prop build videos including a larger room build. I wanted to highlight this wacky project that has so far been a lot of fun! A Millennium Falcon...
  4. Jake Kassnoff

    Sith Trooper Helmet

    I wanted to see if I could make this out of EVA foam:
  5. Corellianexports

    Han Solo Hoth Wrist Communicator Prop

    Just curious if any one was able to identify the parts on this one and if anyone has tried making these? Thanks. :)