star wars prequels

  1. CrossfireProps

    Limited Run Padmé Amidala ELG-3A Blaster Pistol Replica

    Hey all! Wanted to drop in to announce a limited run of ELG-3A blaster pistols from The Phantom Menace, notably wielded by Padmé Amidala. These replicas are fully resin 3D printed and painted to simulate metal and wood. All chrome painted parts are sealed with 2K automotive clear coat. In order...
  2. 13doctorwho

    Low Budget Prequel Jedi

    This year for Halloween I'm working on an "original" Prequel Jedi character. I wanted to do this relatively cheap, so I bought a costume off Amazon. It wasn't too bad (for $60 not including boots) but it did need some adjusting. The boots cost more than the whole costume. Anyway, I've finished...