star trek voyager

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  1. gmprops

    Star Trek Voyager "Relativity" Tricorder - Electronics Only

    To those that have a tricorder replica body kit from the Star Trek Voyager episode "Relativity", I have one only, full light and sound circuit board with LiPo battery. Nothing needs to be done to it. No soldering. No configuring. Just install it into the body kit and align the LEDs up and you...
  2. gmprops

    PRICE DROP: Star Trek Voyager "Relativity" Tricorder electronics - 1 only

    To those that have a tricorder replica body kit from the Star Trek Voyager episode "Relativity", I have one only, full light and sound circuit board with LiPo battery. Nothing needs to be done to it. No soldering. No configuring. Just install it into the body kit and align the LEDs up and you...
  3. MulletMan28

    My first ever movie prop from scratch

    This was my first ever prop build, and it started me on a journey of making many Star Trek and other props. I was always into model-making kits, tanks, army dioramas, and such but, this was the first time I scratch build a prop. I made this in about 1998 at the age of 13. simple for me now, but...
  4. ECH0604

    Mold Noob trying to make a Voyager Mobile Emitter

    Hello There, I am new to modeling and prop making and am trying to make a replica of the Doctors famous mobile emitter. I was planning on 3D printing the shell of it and then trying to create a model and cast clean versions of the parts afterward. I was wondering as I am very new what the...
  5. Davidishida

    Star Trek Tricorder Mk X Build

    Just wanted to share my Tricorder build. This is going to be a Mark X build, from late Next Generation, Voyager, and DS9. The body is from Stapelton Productions (Stapleton Productions), and the electronics are from gmprops (by PropEFX). Both are incredibly well made and I recommend picking up...
  6. CottonFX

    Issues/questions with Alclad II Black Gloss Base

    Hi everyone, I am by no means an expert painter.. but I have recently decided to try the Alclad II brands of paints to achieve some polished metal finishes on a star trek prop that I am building now. Yesterday I did my first attempt at applying Alclad II black gloss base so that then I can...
  7. T

    Star Trek Medical Scanners from Voyager & DS9 First batch what do you think?

    Hey Thanks for looking if your reading this, these were machined by a Aerospace Engineer and hopefully available soon I didn't really have a lot to go but thank fully the engineer quickly sorted them and made me a batch of 9 I am a big fan of Stapleton props and own a lot of them. I bought a...
  8. Montagar

    Show your Star Trek props!

    Show your Trek props.
  9. K

    Limited Run LAST CALL - Star Trek Voyager & Nemesis Clear Isolinear Data PADDs

    If anyone was interested in a set of my Star Trek Voyager & Nemesis Clear Isolinear PADDs and hasnt picked em up yet, now is your last chance. PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE PADDS WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE THROUGH LABOR DAY WEEKEND, I WILL NOT BE SELLING THEM INDIVIDUALLY AFTER THAT. Here is what is...
  10. gmprops

    Interest Star Trek Voyager PADDs with Working Lights & Sounds

    Hi Everyone! I am sure many of you remember the run of Voyager PADDs I did a couple of years ago right here on The RPF. Well, guess what? They are back! A few months ago I partnered with Walker Enterprises out of the UK to do a few projects together. One of these is the Voyager PADD with full...
  11. norbauer

    Norbauer's Notebook - adventures in recreational Star Trek (mostly) prop replication.

    For the months of January, February, and March I rented a work space at the Artisan's Asylum in Somerville, MA (right in sight of the Boston skyline). I thought it would be a good excuse to keep me occupied and distracted during the worst of the long, depressing Massachusetts winter. When the...
  12. V

    Limited Run Star Trek Voyager Small PADD

    The current kit cost is $40 and includes the following: 1 top plate, 1 mid-plate, 1 bottom plate, 1 high quality decal sheet with clear gloss finishing laminate, and assembly instructions. Kit Details: The plates that make up the PADD are laser cut from black Plexiglas. The decal sheet will...
  13. Renaissance Jed

    The Doctor from Doctor Who and the Doctor from Star Trek Voyager Use Same Prop???

    While rewatching episode 17 from season 3 of Star Trek Voyager, I noticed something very peculiar that I have seen, and made before. Here the Doctor is seen using a "cortical probe" to study the "axonal amplifier" (whatever that is) on the corpse of a Borg drone. This probe bears a striking...
  14. norbauer

    Star Trek Voyager Doctor's Holo-imager - help identifying found parts

    So I got my Airtronics Avenger today. Time to start researching how to make a Holo-imager! I've posted about this on the TrekPropZone but am hoping for any additional input from the RPF community. It appears to be assembled primarily from found items. I am working on sourcing most of them (the...
  15. Anniemee

    Seven of Nine Silver Suit, Star Trek Voyager, Research and WIP

    Hey there RPF! I'll be giving this build a go in about 6 weeks, and would love any input regarding materials and methods. The information I've gathered is gleaned from published interviews with the costume designer, Robert Blackman, actress Jeri Ryan, and an old thread on these forums that...
  16. F

    studio U.S.S YOYAGER paint.

    hi, does anyone know what color the studio model of voyager would be in humbrol paints (the number/shade ect) thanks:D - - - Updated - - - these paints:
  17. F

    2d photo cut-outs of city buildings

    see the thread for info - - - Updated - - - HI! Im making a desorlate/ post nuclear war styled cityscape and need assistance to accumulate 2d cut-outs for the far ground buildings. the plan is to have the for ground in styrene and renshape. there will also be one in plaster wick will explode...
  18. littleewok

    Star Trek PADD question

    I've recently been fiddling with trying to make templates of various PADD's. Everyone online seems to be mentioning templates made by Matt Munson. But everywhere I look online the links to those templates seem to be broken. Does anyone know where I can find the templates of any or all PADD's...
  19. YenChih Lin

    Cany anyone remember or ID the backpack?

    What the title says, all I know from Rick Sternbach, that it was a motobike backpack bought off in '96. I saw that only one time on ebay, but didn't had money to bid on it. Never relisted then AFIAK.
  20. STpropguy76

    My Star Trek Voyager Photon Torpedo

    Hi Everyone, I have looked at many of the Collections posted by the great Members here on our Forum and I have not seen this in any other Collection, So I thought I might show you something unique from mine. I have a 1999 Star Trek Voyager Syndication Torpedo Kit. It is 1 of Only 200...
  21. erik814u2

    Star Trek Voyager "Endgame" Medical Tricorder with independent arm!

    I have found a way to make the arm on the Star Trek Voyager "Endgame" Medical Tricorder completely independent from the rest of the electronics. The video below shows the first one built in action that also includes my created screen accurate opening, closing and scanning sounds Star Trek...
  22. Thatoneguy

    Star Trek Voyager The Big one

    I wonder Does anyone know what the actual dimensions of the Voyager model they used on the series or at least the length and width of the hero model. I ask because I am wanting to build a model of the Voyager about 3ft in length. and im wondering what my version scale would be. :confused
  23. acameronuk1979

    Some more to my Star Trek Collection

    With a weekend to myself and an old sewing machine given to me I thought I'd try my hand at drawing up some patterns and making some costumes. I used my screen used Operations (Gold) ST: Voyager costume as a guide to create the science/medical version (teal coloured) The future costume is...
  24. acameronuk1979

    Screen Used Star Trek Voyager Costume

    Hi, I purchased this Screen Used Star Trek: Voyager costume. The material is very very heavy duty.
  25. Tripper

    Screenused Boomerang phaser

    Last year I acquired something I've wanted since I first saw it on the screen in Voyager and the next gen movies. Here are some shots of it Here are some shots of it with the MR first contact replica:

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