star trek the undiscovered country

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  1. 13doctorwho

    Star Trek Movie Uniform

    I am a fat guy, and it's hard to come up with good Halloween costumes for someone my shape. This year my brother suggested a Star Trek movie uniform, as some of the cast members had put on some weight. I knew the Monster Maroon Uniform was beyond my skill level, but then Scotty's Costume from...
  2. S

    Anyone Intrested in a prop replica from Star Trek 6 (Helm)

    So I have a chance at making a replica of part of the help panel. The section of buttons with those levers Valaris used to move the ship and the red button Chekov used to fire the torpedo at the Klingon Ship. But it would cost allot of money to make it, 500 to 800 dollars. I am wondering if...
  3. Vincent V

    Assault Phaser Build

    A couple of days ago I decided it would be cool to make an "assault phaser" from Star Trek V and VI. With that goal in mind I started working on a 3d model. For now I'm working on the overall shape and outside surface details. Once I get that to a point where I like it I'll move on to designing...
  4. propninja

    Need help recreating the bridge chairs from the USS Excelsior

    The company I work for has been commissioned to recreate Captain Sulu's captains chair from the Excelsior. I have some pictures already, but I'm trying to ascertain whether the chairs were completely custom built or re-purposed office chairs. My contacts from the Star Trek art department...
  5. Mr. Nagata

    My Wife's Star Trek "Monster Maroon"

    I'm going to the Vegas Trek Convention in August, so I'm making a whole bunch of new costumes this month. I just finished this Wrath of Khan uniform for my wife (though they didn't start using the skirt until 5 or 6 I think). I created the pattern myself and used actual wool elastique. I...
  6. Mike J.

    Unlimited Run Klingon Bird of Prey Shirts: The Dirty Birdy Bar & Grill

    A silly parody based on the Klingon Bird-of-Prey: The Dirty Birdy Klingon Bar & Grill I've made a triangular pixel effect for the KBOP image itself, referencing Klingon graphics' fondness for triangles. And a word about the Klingon: the letters on my shirt are 'real' Klingon letters...
  7. bobatrek

    Limited Run *SLOTS OPEN* Star Trek VI TUC: Operation Retrieve Flip Chart Briefing

    With my completion of the graphics of the Operation Retrieve briefing flip chart as seen in the cut scene from Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country, I am now ready for the next phase of making this half size, to include the printing of the pages on a synthetic like paper, the plexiglass backing...
  8. K

    Refit Enterprise Reference Photos - Need Your Input

    Hello everyone, I've been searching around the FAQ and other such things here, reading threads and looking at the Movie Reference Photo sections, and have found that in the Star Trek Movie Franchise sections, there are very few, if any reference photos of the Refit Enterprise. I know that...
  9. norbauer

    Norbauer's Notebook - adventures in recreational Star Trek (mostly) prop replication.

    For the months of January, February, and March I rented a work space at the Artisan's Asylum in Somerville, MA (right in sight of the Boston skyline). I thought it would be a good excuse to keep me occupied and distracted during the worst of the long, depressing Massachusetts winter. When the...
  10. F

    Deprecated Star Trek Movie Communicator Grills (FLM Concepts banned)

    Render of my upcoming concept comm. I'll leave the original text of this post below, but now that I have everything dialed in and that I know my machine can handle it, I'm changing this from an interest list to an Unlimited Run thread. For now, I'm offering ST:III and ST:V-VI communicator lids...
  11. N

    Yet Another Enterprise

    Heard amount The RPF on; been lurking for a week and all this modeling finally got me back to a model I started in middle, ten years ago. I've got an alternate history pirate Nazi sub cooking with my boyfriend, so I can't work on that solo. This AMT Enterprise...
  12. Felgacarb

    Star Trek - Scotty's Vest

    Since I seem to be in a bit of a movie era costuming mood recently, I thought it was time to do a piece worn by one of my all time favorite engineers. This vest actually ended up getting a lot of screen time. I would speculate that it was originally made because either James Doohan...
  13. Norbert

    Screen-Filmed Dilithium Crystal


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