star trek the original series

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  1. JGG1701

    My Nomad.

    Let me introduce to you my latest build. Kit made by Larson Designs. Customized by me. Gentlemen, From Star Trek TOS, My Nomad. -Jim
  2. Major Grubert

    ST:TOS Doomsday Machine and Captain Kirk Cosplay

    Cosplay prop for Captain Kirk with green tunic cosplay. From the Star Trek TOS 'The Doomsday Machine' episode. . .this is the Doomsday Machine build. . .dadadada, dadadaaaaa, dadadadaaaaaaa. Materials: PVC 4" pipe, PVC 4" coupling, 6" to 8" duct reducer, foam matts, Sintra 1/8" sheets, All...
  3. jtkirk

    Want to Buy Classic Star Trek Dr. McCoy's Medical Scanner wanted.

    I'm looking for Classic Star Trek Dr. McCoy's Medical Scanner. I need one working lights and sound and one not if possible. Please message me with price, pics and availability. thanks in advance.
  4. AndrewRP

    Star Trek TOS: Dinnerware Props

    Good evening/morning RPFers! I'm doing some research into the little background props used on ST:TOS. No real project in mind, just curious what most of this stuff was or how it was made. I love the idea that prop makers would grab a normal every-day item and spruce it up a bit for a show or...
  5. asalaw

    One-Stop 11' TOS Enterprise Reference Thread: NCC-1701, No Bloody A...

    And now, back to the regular thread... The One-Stop 11' TOS Enterprise Reference Thread: NCC-1701, No Bloody A... Fellow member BrianM suggested over in the Enterprise Restoration Thread that there should be a one-stop Enterprise thread, and I agreed. Since I'm sitting on quite a lot of links...
  6. Incept Date

    Want to Buy Gary Seven Servo Pen

    Looking for one of the Star Trek Gary Seven Servo pens. First I would like to know how much one would go for and then maybe I can swing to buy.
  7. Nootyprops

    STAR TREK Captain Kirk`s Chair in miniature!

    Thought you may like to see my efforts at making a replica(ish) of the Captains Chair from the original Star Trek, its for a puppetry type film I am making, I made a quick video of the process using my home made headcam and edited it together to give you a rough idea of the stages of production...
  8. Z

    Want to Buy Star Trek TOS Phaser 2 custom display stand by J. Huselton?

    Hi, is anyone here familiar with the Star Trek TOS Phaser 2 custom display stand by J. Huselton? I would love to buy several display stands for my Star Trek TOS Phasers and communicators. Does anyone have an idea on how to contact J. Huselton? How about where to buy different display stands...
  9. OB10

    Art Asylum communicator grid falling off

    I've got one of the older AA/DST classic communicators with the awesome metal grid (huzzah!). The tragic part is that one of the wire joints that goes into the round discs that the grid pivot on has come loose. Anyone know how these were attached, or the best way to reattach them? Were the...
  10. BrianM

    Want to Buy Looking for TOS Phaser nozzels in Aluminum

    Anybody selling Al Trek parts ? I'm also looking for a ten turn knob at the back. Thanks, BrianM
  11. N

    Multiple Budget Build Star Trek Props

    A quick video showing a bunch of various Star Trek props I made from materials and paints from the local Dollar Store. There's hyposprays, Padds, handheld medical scanners, klingon tricorders and communicators, and more. Each prop literally cost only a buck or two to make... Thank God for...
  12. H

    ST TOS indicator / display panel question

    YES! I realize this has been beaten to death. I've spent three weeks combing the interwebs going back to 2001 looking at it. And yes, I know there is at least two authorities on this topic. I did reach out to one of them with no response, and the other... it's probably best not to ask him...
  13. Johnny Adama

    Art Asylum Phaser Troubleshooting.

    Looking into a little insight from anyone who has bought the Classic Star Trek Phaser from Art Asylum. I got one of these for Christmas. It seemed to work ok in "display mode" while it was in the box. BUT as soon as I removed the plastic tab to bring it out of display mode, the phaser went...
  14. Shaw

    One-Sixth Studio Scale TOS Enterprise

    I'm building a one-sixth studio scale (or about 1/500th scale) model of the 11 foot Enterprise. This model will be similar to my Phase II Enterprise model in that it will be a study model for a set of plans of the 11 foot studio model as a model. Also, this model will be similar to my Phase II...
  15. MKretschmer

    Wooden Starship USS Enterprise Model

    I just wanted to share my latest project with all of you. I built a 36 inch wooden model of the old school Starship Enterprise, made of maple, black walnut, padauk, osage orange, ebony, and yellow heart. The goal was not only to create the epic vessel, but to do it in original style not seen...
  16. Feyth

    Art Asylum TOS communicator phone

    check this out!!! :D Would you end your AA TOS communicator to do this? How-To: Make a Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator | MAKE
  17. N

    USS Enterprise TOS filming model PRE-restoration pics here.

    Was going through my harddrive and found some pics I snapped of the big E original filming model about 25 years ago - before the Ed Miarecki restoration - when the model was still hanging from the ceiling of the Rocketry and Spaceflight exhibit in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. I'm not...
  18. PeteVenkman

    1:18 TOS Bridge/Display Build

    Over the last little while I've been putting a lot of thought into displays for my props, toys and collectibles. The success with the Shadowbox I made recently gave me the inspiration on how to resurrect a long dead project with a fresh take. But the true inspiration to get off my butt and get...
  19. Eveningarwen

    TOS Star Trek Corset

    So I wanted to show this off! Basically I was contacted by this guy who is doing/did some Jim Beam advertising stuff and he's trying to put together a spoof advertising for "Jim, Beam me up". He will be borrowing this corset and will be doing a photoshoot with it but I wanted to do my own...
  20. 22 Stars

    Star Trek Klingon Disruptor part *help!*

    Hi guys, I hate to come here with such a pathetic request but here it goes... does anyone have just a spare front emitter piece to a resin TOS Klingon Disruptor? I was just finishing up my resin TOS Klingon Disruptor last night, putting one more coat of silver on the front emitter and...
  21. 3cell

    Burke Chair tutorial for Star Trek TOS Bridge Chair

    anyone know of a tutorial for the Burke chair conversion to one of the bridge chairs on the Star Trek TOS ? Just purchased 2 of the Burke 115's off ebay and would really like to convert these myself. I think the upholstery will probably be the most difficult part and the triangles I will...
  22. Mike J.

    Replica TOS Phaser at Smithsonian

    Here are a few photos I got of the bad replica TOS phaser on display at the Smithsonian Museum of American History in Washington DC, on October 13, 2011. For more information about this phaser, please see Richard A. Coyle's article here: The Smithsonian and Star Trek -Mike J.
  23. Shizman

    Steve Neill Studio 1/2 Scale TOS Enterprise Buildup

    Here I go on my buildup of Steve Neill's excellent TOS 1/2 studio scale Enterprise. I can only do pictures right now. I'm not very far along right now, but I thought I'd post to keep me motivated and to help advertise this excellent model. The resin I'm using takes 24 hours to cure, so it...
  24. Star Wars Chick

    Star Trek TOS Photoshoot at Valley of Fire State Park

    Art Andrews and I headed out to Valley of Fire State Park this Sunday with our friend Jorge and did an amazing photoshoot showing off my Star Trek TOS Blue Dress from ANOVOS. It was a GORGEOUS day, the weather was perfect and we spent about 5 hours shooting in several parts of the park. We...
  25. Chrisisall

    New TOS Phaser Handle Colour Suggestion:

    I *believe* I've found an excellent handle colour! A solid coat of Rustoleum dark bronze metallic, then a very light coat of Rustoleum metallic charcoal, finished with a very fine misting of dark bronze again. Looks dark grey in shadow, but a bronzey aluminum in bright light. What do you...

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