star trek the original series

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  1. NR16020

    Star Trek TOS Captain's Chair buttons and switches

    Considering building a Captain's chair from TOS. The build itself seems pretty simple. The only problem I can find with it is that the various switches on the chair are very hard to find, and when found, are often very expensive. I'm wondering if anyone has ever 3-d printed any, and if so...
  2. roguefx

    Classic Star Trek Props in LEGO

    I was wondering if there's any builders out there that enjoy replicating props in LEGO? Here's some Star Trek Props I did a while back. I've been meaning to build more, I have a long list in fact, but free time is always at a premium. check out more and a video of the tricorder in action on...
  3. M

    Want to Buy Star Trek TOS Dr. McCoy's complete medical kit

    Hi. I'm not a prop builder. Unfortunately I don't have those skills. I'm looking to purchase a complete Dr. McCoy medical kit or at least just the hypospray and medical scanner. Any info would be appreciated.
  4. J

    ST:TOS Transporter Room/Base Dimensions

    I've looked at online blueprints, but haven't been able to uncover the diameter of the transporter base in Star Trek: TOS. Anybody feel like sharing? Thanks!
  5. spacerone

    Star Trek TOS Wand Company Communicator Modification Project! Alpha To Beta Version.

    Bought a couple of these Wand Communicators and very impressed with them.:) So I'm going to see if I can convert one of them into a Beta version communicator and make a few changes to it along the way. Everyone is welcome to join in with ideas or suggestions.:cheers Need to open it and find...
  6. Aquaman

    Star Trek TOS boots?

    Putting together both Kirk and Nurse Chappel costumes. What were the boots? Thx!
  7. Jake Kassnoff

    USS Daedalus Scratchbuild

    Made a model of my favorite ship that never appeared on the show!
  8. S

    ~1/4 scale Nomad (Star Trek TOS)

    One of the first things I did when I got my 3D printer was to make Nomad from the original Star Trek series. Modelled in Blender, printed at roughly 1/4 scale on an Ultimaker 2 3D printer in PLA filament, surfaces levelled with Smooth-On XTC-3D epoxy, and painted with Model Masters and Alclad...
  9. Jake Kassnoff

    Enterprise Bobble Stand

    I made this totally on a whim and it's hilarious:
  10. Dan Efran

    Just One Tribble

    I always kind of wanted a tribble. They're so cute! These days, craft-store faux fur is very soft and very cheap, so yesterday I decided it was time to finally go ahead and sew one up. A tribble is a project barely worthy of a build log. It's basically just a teddy bear with no head...
  11. Dan Efran

    Boldly Going where Many Have Gone Recently

    For my 45th birthday, I decided to reconnect with my inner child by buying him a lot of cool toys. Specifically, a bunch of super-cheap toy props to mod and repaint. I wanted to see how far I could go toward fleshing out my prop collection on a very tight budget. There are some wonderfully...
  12. USS Spaniard

    Star Trek TOS Communicator origin?

    I've been trying to determine the 'tells' in the casting - the control plate in particular. Very recessed, with dimples at control points, also one dimple mid back. I remember old convention communicators with one lone screw mid back as well.. could this be cast from that? Metal lid and in...
  13. Jake Kassnoff

    My DY-100 Botany Bay Replica

    I built this a few years ago using measurements from elsewhere on the forum. The forward hull section is a little narrower than it should be but otherwise, the whole thing should be half studio scale.
  14. spacerone

    Diamond Select Star Trek TOS Communicator Modification Project / Replacing Parts

    Going to start modifying an old Diamond Select Star Trek TOS Communicator I had lying around. Fortunately this one has the metal lid attached. Anyone interested in sharing ideas or participating is welcome to do so!:)
  15. Vincent V

    Rubies TOS Phaser budget build

    For some reason I felt compelled to order one of the super cheap Rubie's TOS phasers with my last Amazon order. Now that I have this hideously colored toy sitting on my desk I've decided to use it for a budget phaser build. The plan is to make it as accurate as possible while keeping the total...
  16. S

    TOS Phaser I (midgrade)

    I'm working on a hero version of the phaser for 3D printing, and to give myself a break from tweaking the innards, I fused the parts to make a solid body (but leaving the "metal" bits separate for ease of painting) for a midgrade version. Then I further tweaked the midgrade to produce the fairly...
  17. T

    Want to Buy Star Trek TOS - Mirror, Mirror dagger needed.

    Hello! I am in need of a Mirror, Mirror dagger (sheath too would be great) for a video series I am working on. A resin one is fine, or aluminum. But affordable. I just need it for a hand prop. Thanks! -TKThor
  18. Major Grubert

    Snake Plissken - Capt Kirk mashup: The Gun

    50th Anniversary of Star Trek. . .my 50th . . . time to take Kirk cosplay to a new level. I thought a Kirk Plissken mashup was needed. Thinking, eye patch, Plissken EFNY sleevless shirt in ST:TOS command gold (in progress), EFNY tracer bracelet, ST:TOS pants, EFNY boots with Federation...
  19. jonpaul0151

    Star Trek 1966 Phaser flashlight nozzle

    Just made one of these nozzle but was wondering if anyone knows where I can just buy a few? ecrater and scifiprops did not have..
  20. S

    Opening / Repairing a MR TOS Tricorder

    Hello! I'm a modeler and prop collector. I recently purchased on eBay a Master Replica TOS Tricorder. I've read that many were shipped with or developed defects in function from shoddy solders and loose connections etc. My tricorder's sound and moire function properly, but the blue lights and...
  21. eoconnor2305

    TOS Communicator Kits - what now?

    Just thinking out loud. Noticed John Long is selling the last of his kits on eBay. Don't see DStines kits much either. Sooo, other than making your own shells, machining your own parts and gathering the rest, what are/will you do to put a kit and build together? Since I'm still new at all of...
  22. Major Grubert

    Captain Kirk TOS at Comikaze

    Couple photos of my JTK TOS cosplay at Comikaze last weekend, only new prop is the valve handle (to pummel Khan of course). . . Planet Destroyer build was posted in April. Kirk making Corpse Bride smile. . . "Who let that guy on the ship?"
  23. Snow Builder

    Metal Earth Sculptures -Star Trek TOS Enterprise

    I ran across these in the gift shop of a museum recently and they captured my attention; I think their gorgeous. Build times vary based on the model and your experience, this TOS Klingon Vor'cha ship took me about 4 hours to assemble. Has anyone constructed one? In the package:: Under...
  24. F

    Starship enterprise wall comm

    Hi everyone my name is Fred and I am a big original series fan. Thanks to some great advice on this website, I was able to construct a starship enterprise wallcomm prop, but I have wired it up and programmed it to function as a real wall comm. As a big thank you, I am posting the link on how...
  25. D

    Star Trek TOS Captains Chair Build

    Greetings everyone, For those that don't know me, I'm Darman Ellison from Wichita, KS. Art has shared one of my Rebel Legion costumes before (Han Solo Hoth Gear). Well today I thought I'd share my latest project. It's 90% complete for what I want to do with it (Still have to add all the...

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