star trek the next generation

  1. John Cooley

    ANOVOS Captain Picard Jacket (Alternate Uniform aka: PNNUJ)

    ANOVOS has replicated one of my all-time favorite uniform pieces – Captain Picard’s Jacket. We were able to examine a screen used Picard Jacket, and after that just HAD to make it. It uses the same materials and precise same construction as the original jacket (only adding a full length...
  2. Sinthoras XIII

    A beginners little prop collection

    Hi everybody, I would like to show you my small collection. Most of my props are made as cheap as possible. Unfortunately some of them do also look so. The good thing is that my camera is quite crappy. So I hope you don't see all the inaccuracies :D - Star Trek TNG comm badge - Star Trek...
  3. Eric Ardros

    "Widescreen" TNG PADD

    Now that most of the more pressing projects are done and out of the way, I had enough of the materials needed to get started on this: I cut each layer out of 1/8" thick sheet styrene, using the scribe-and-snap technique. I find it usually works pretty well for me, and saves me a bit of...
  4. B

    Star Trek PADD Finished

    I haven't build props in years. It's just one of those things that I stopped doing because there were so many other ways to spend my cash. But a few weeks ago I was talking to a friend of mine who own a laser cutting business. Turns out a client had placed a fairly large order of PADD's and then...
  5. 13doctorwho

    Time's Arrow Data Head (image INTENSE)

    I bought an excellent cast of member Vadermonkey's Star Trek The Next Generation Lt. Cmdr. Data bust. My goal with it was to make a severed head similar to what is seen in the episode "Time's Arrow". I designed the electronics in this bust and did the painting and hair laying myself. It's not...
  6. littleewok

    Star Trek PADD question

    I've recently been fiddling with trying to make templates of various PADD's. Everyone online seems to be mentioning templates made by Matt Munson. But everywhere I look online the links to those templates seem to be broken. Does anyone know where I can find the templates of any or all PADD's...
  7. Snow Builder

    Star Trek TNG Future Imperfect Communicator

    Just a quick and dirty project. So far it's coming along well. Sketch of my cut pattern: Rough cut of the styrene Building out the spacing between the bars Layer two: the emblem Dry fit Two copies made, edges rounded and preliminary sanding and red putty
  8. Bigdaddy

    TNG first watch, seasons 1-7

    I haven't had a TV signal for several decades, so I've missed out on a lot of shows over the years (most of them crap ;)). Recently I was generously given a whole lot of Trek, TOS 1-3, TNG 2-6 and 7 films. My original intention was to watch all of these in order of release, but since I don't...
  9. F

    Mike Moore (HMS) will be at Inconjuction prop party

    Mike Moore is a guess of Inconjuction this coming year. The web Is InConJunction XXXII - SF&F Convention - July 6 - 8, 2012 I talked to Mike we would like to have a prop party at the convention. It is in the early stages of planning. The convention is will to give us a room, table, chairs and...
  10. DMC 12

    AMT Bird of Prey

    Hey, Not built a model kit in quite a while, and now I'm at uni I've got a bit more money to spend on things! It's not quite finished yet, still have to weather it a bit more and paint the rest of the feathers underneath, and cover it in a matte coat. This is a great release...
  11. Felgacarb

    Star Trek - Scotty's Vest

    Since I seem to be in a bit of a movie era costuming mood recently, I thought it was time to do a piece worn by one of my all time favorite engineers. This vest actually ended up getting a lot of screen time. I would speculate that it was originally made because either James Doohan...
  12. D

    Star Trek toy customisations: Playmates Enterprise-D & JJprise, Wesco Enterprise-E

    Hi there! I'm a new member here. I joined up because I've seen some incredibly impressive projects going on here. I've started a handful of projects, mostly involving Star Trek toys and models. I'm not at all experienced in this realm. I've tried to build AMT kits of the Enterprise-D...
  13. 849324lf

    Klingon bird of prey model build.

    Hello there RPF members, this is first model I will doing as a fellow member myself. the model i will building is a Klingon bird of prey from star trek the next generation. though i'm not a huge star trek fan. i think think this model will be a neat project for me to. wish me luck on the build...
  14. STpropguy76

    Star Trek Enterprise D Bridge TV Walls on Craigslist

    Hey Guys & Gals, I was looking through Craigslist and came across this Ad the other day. It is as follows: I have all ORIGINAL 6 walls of the Enterprise D Bridge, (3 on left side, 3 on right) all complete though some have ripped fabric or chipped glass panels, each section has 5 thick...
  15. acameronuk1979

    Some more to my Star Trek Collection

    With a weekend to myself and an old sewing machine given to me I thought I'd try my hand at drawing up some patterns and making some costumes. I used my screen used Operations (Gold) ST: Voyager costume as a guide to create the science/medical version (teal coloured) The future costume is...
  16. J

    Tricorder 6 Project

    Hi all. Allow me to introduce myself as a new member to RPF. I used to spend a lot of time lurking and occasionally posting on Dewback ASAP but recently found RPF and decided to join. I'm thinking about finally building a MkVI Tricorder kit I've had since about 2005 or 2006. I'm often very...
  17. F

    Gene Roddenberry's Hat

    In 1998 I was given the hat worn by Gene Roddenberry for the christening of the Enterprise C by a stunt man who worked on some episodes of the series. It was given to him, along with the Gene's hat from the Enterprise D christening, by Majel Roddenberry. I am hoping to additionally authenticate...
  18. erik814u2

    I'm curious as to what your preference is??

    Hi everyone. I was just curious to know your thoughts, as fellow prop builders, what your preference is to work with: resin or vacuform plastic? In particular, when building the Star Trek Mark X Science or Medical Tricorders. Forget for a minute, if you will, what is more screen accurate...that...
  19. S

    TNG Phaser

    Last few days I have spent cleaning out my work shop and going through boxes that I haven't been through in 20 years or more. I found lots of neat stuff from my Paramount days and this was one of them. In addition to this I found some COM badges too from TNG and Voyager. I plan to keep...
  20. LVskywalker

    Need help to ID another TNG (?) prop

    Hi guys, I just recently acquired these alleged "Star Trek: The Next Generation" props from one of my trusted sellers. It looks like they were aged and painted to look like armor pieces. I tried to look for them myself, but had no success so far. I know this was probably a background prop...
  21. silverskyes402

    EFX New Trek Product: Tricorder, Cage Laser & Comm, EM-33

    Snapped some pretty crappy pics, but some exciting news is looks like EFX is going to make out trek collections more awesome!!!
  22. IndyFanChuck

    "Screen Used" Star Trek TNG props

    Another members post got me to wondering. Can we start a "Screen Used" Hero and stunt and Production Made Star Trek TNG (movie AND series) photo topic. I was trying to locate all the good Hero and Stunt and Production made photos of all the awesome props from Star Trek TNG series and...
  23. Mr. Nagata

    My New SCREEN-USED Star Trek TNG Props!!!

    Okay, so one of them isn't "new" (I got it several months ago). But the other I just picked up today. It's Picard's desktop monitor!!! Not only has no one ever done an accurate replica of this piece, but I've only seen two other surviving props, one of which was converted to an alien monitor...
  24. starbuckcylon

    My screen used Star Trek TNG suit from Christies

    [attachmentid=10699] [attachmentid=10700] [attachmentid=10701] [attachmentid=10702] [attachmentid=10703] [attachmentid=10704] Here are a few shots of my Star Trek Next Generation screen used suit. ItÂ’s a late season suit and its look like the name inside is C Borden? I did a IMDB search and it...
  25. MattMunson

    Show off thread: Screen used Enterprise Scanner

    Since Playskool2000 has upped the ante in the never ending tricorder-envy wars, I thought it was high time to lob another grenade over the hill and into his trench. So, without further delay, here is my screen used, hero working, pop up scanner from Enterprise. I've had pics of this for a long...