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  1. gmprops

    Limited Run Star Trek Mark VII Science Tricorder Electronics Upgrade Kit - Enhanced features!

    Hi Everyone! Updated (The updates are all in italicized font. The rest of the description is from the original run description back in January.) It has been a while since I have had the Mark VII Science tricorder electronics upgrade kit in stock. But I am preparing to do another run. These...
  2. gmprops

    Limited Run Star Trek "Nemesis" Medical Tricorder Electronics Upgrade - Special Price

    NOTE: THIS IS A LIMITED RUN OF 10 KITS Special RPF price of $125US each shipped PayPal ID: Here is a limited opportunity for you to upgrade your Star Trek: Nemesis Medical Tricorder prop replica with state of the art electronics. These electronics have been designed...
  3. gmprops

    Done / Completed Star Trek FC "Boomerang" Phaser Electronics Upgrade

    NOTE: THIS IS A LIMITED RUN OF 10 KITS Special RPF price of $115US each shipped PayPal ID: Here is a limited opportunity for you to upgrade your Star Trek: First Contact Boomerang Phaser prop replica with state of the art electronics. These electronics have been designed...
  4. O

    Star Trek TNG Data's Medals Shadowbox

    Hey everyone, I've started re-watching all of the Next Generation episodes and amongst all of the props I've seen thus far, Data's collection of commendations, medals, and various rank insignia piqued my curiosity the most. To me it seems like an interesting prop that had little screen time and...
  5. S

    Please help with ID of this 'Star Trek' item

    Hi there and thank you for looking. I recently acquired an item in a auction lot (not eBay) and I am struggling to find out anything about it. It is a foldable block with Star Trek The next generation images on every side which complete each time you fold it. It has the words '1995 Par Pic' on...
  6. Y

    ST:TNG - Guinan Magus 3 Rifle identification?

    Hope this is the right place to post this, looking for help in locating/identifying a toy rifle, based on the attached picture. It was originally a "Defense Directorate Rifle" from "Buck Rogers In The 25th Century" TV series, then repainted and used as Guinan's "Magus 3 Rifle" on ST:TNG. Have...
  7. Rajman1138

    Found the Playing Cards from Star Trek TNG

    Being a TNG fan I always thought it would be cool to get a set of the same playing cards Picard and company use in the last poker scene in the final episode. Since nothing came up in Google I grabbed some screen shots from that episode and a couple other Next Gen episodes to see if I could find...
  8. A

    Help with Star Trek TNG cobra phaser scratch build.

    Hello all, first post since introducing myself. I am hoping to scratch build a type 2 "cobra phaser" from Star Trek TNG. I have found lots of good reference images, but am having trouble finding dimensions. If anyone can point me to a reference that would be wonderful. Also hoping to give it...
  9. Montagar

    Show your Star Trek props!

    Show your Trek props.
  10. K

    Limited Run LAST CALL - Star Trek Voyager & Nemesis Clear Isolinear Data PADDs

    If anyone was interested in a set of my Star Trek Voyager & Nemesis Clear Isolinear PADDs and hasnt picked em up yet, now is your last chance. PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE PADDS WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE THROUGH LABOR DAY WEEKEND, I WILL NOT BE SELLING THEM INDIVIDUALLY AFTER THAT. Here is what is...
  11. shayvidas

    Jean Luc Picard's Enterprise-E Captain's Chair Build

    hi so i'm really into this new project, i want to build the chair from the old star trek movies, here is a photo i found of it: as for the build itself, i'm seeing 4 diffrent parts for the frame before apoltery, and overall a 6 stages build project 1...
  12. J

    Playmates TNG Tricorder Functional Upgrade

    Hi folks, I am working on modifying a beat-up Playmates tricorder into something that is equal parts improved replica and functional tool. I'll be keeping something of a build log on my blog, and I'll post updates to this thread. First post is here...
  13. gmprops

    Interest Star Trek Voyager PADDs with Working Lights & Sounds

    Hi Everyone! I am sure many of you remember the run of Voyager PADDs I did a couple of years ago right here on The RPF. Well, guess what? They are back! A few months ago I partnered with Walker Enterprises out of the UK to do a few projects together. One of these is the Voyager PADD with full...
  14. T

    Star Trek TNG & DS9 Padds, Just picked up first set. Build, Graphics, Questions etc

    Hey Trekkies I'm a huge trekkie and with the help of a friend i got 2 types of Padds from Local laser cutters. I picked up a big sheet of 3mm acrylic & got it cut in to sections for the local laser cutters to fit in there tiny machine I sent the 2 designs in and got email to say they were done...
  15. W

    Klingon costume accessories

    so I am putting together a Klingon costume, debating between a traditional warrior uniform, as established in the motion picture, and more of a civilian look. either way I am starting with the accessories. First up, here are the spine plates I purchased from Katarra8 on ebay/etsy. amazing...
  16. norbauer

    Limited Run LCARS-inspired custom keyboard keycap set

    The "Galaxy Class" keyset I designed a year or so ago as part of the keyboard enthusiast community is up for a Round-2 group buy at MassDrop, launching today, 1/23/15, and will be open for two weeks. (Note that you'll need to sign up for a free MassDrop account to be able to see the...
  17. F

    Playmates Tricorder Advice

    I have just come into possession of a Playmates Tricorder from Ebay. It appears to be brand new, the stickers are even still in the packaging. I've read a few posts on the RPF from people doing upgrades and mods to make it more true to the show. It seems that gmprops makes the best (and...
  18. norbauer

    Norbauer's Notebook - adventures in recreational Star Trek (mostly) prop replication.

    For the months of January, February, and March I rented a work space at the Artisan's Asylum in Somerville, MA (right in sight of the Boston skyline). I thought it would be a good excuse to keep me occupied and distracted during the worst of the long, depressing Massachusetts winter. When the...
  19. F

    Accurate Color Part for the Enterprise D Deflector???

    Does anyone know if a color-accurate resin part is produced by anyone for the 1/1400 Enterprise D? I don't want to try painting it and having the light kit look bad on this. Thanks!
  20. norbauer

    Resin + acrylic + lacquer clear coat = tricorder problems. :S

    I have been having a less than entirely fun experience painting a resin-cast Mark VII tricorder. I primed with self-etch, painted with Krylon gloss acrylic, sanded, dusted with Krylon silver, and then applied a lacquer clear coat (Watco Clear Satin). Unfortunately, anything other than the...
  21. norbauer

    Help identifying Star Trek TNG medkit mystery door hinge

    Hi all. I'm just getting started on a long process to do a scratch build of a TNG medical kit. With the help of @Eric Ardros, I'm working on blueprints and plan to do a styrene build—I hope to share the PDFs here on the RPF when they are complete, given Eric's final permission and approval of...
  22. Droidboy

    Limited Run Geordi ST:TNG Visor Run

    Hello boys and girls! My machine shop wants to do more let's do them. I'm going to keep them simple this time, they will only be the screen accurate kits consisting of the bent aluminum faceplate, plastic cnc'd top and bottom plates, plus 4' of brass rod. This is a kit and you...
  23. O

    Star Trek TNG era movie Isolinear board holder identifying troubles

    Hello fellow prop people I'm new to posting here so I apologise if I have posted this wrong. I recently acquired some replica Isolinear boards (the ones larger than the normal chips) and would love to display them / have them on my desk alla tng movie style I am having trouble identifying...
  24. O

    Need some Advice

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum but not to props, i love building them and have made a hand full, such as the Star trek Type 3B phaser rifle from First Contact, a Klingon Mek'leth and the Sword of Khaless. Now i want to try a new project and the fact is i think I'm insane for even attempting it...
  25. newworld

    New interview with Mike Moore HMS props about Star Trek, Tricorders, Phasers ets

    Mike Moore of HMS props has made this new video about his experiences in the prop-making industry, especially regarding Star Trek: Wrath of Dhan Star Trek Prop Blog: STAR TREK PROP MAKER SHARES HIS MEMORIES OF REAL-WORLD PROP PRODUCTION FOR THE STAR TREK UNIVERSE D