star trek the motion picture

  1. tcbinaflash

    Want to Buy Star Trek TMP wrist communicator - finished OR kit

    Looking for a correct scale Star Trek: The Motion Picture wrist communicator, in either finished or kit form. 3D printed kits are fine and I would also consider incomplete kits (e.g. just the main body). Would consider any of the various versions of this prop used during production (see example...
  2. C

    1:200 scale Klingon Battle Cruiser

    My second scratch build project is a K'tinga class Klingon Battle Cruiser from Star Trek the Motion Picture. The ship is 214m long, so at 1:200 scale the model is just over a meter. I'm using balsa wood, which will be plastered with epoxy putty and sanded down. The basic shape for the main...
  3. Kelvington

    Want to Buy Star Trek TMP Tricorder...

    Hi, I need to find a nice Star Trek TMP Tricorder to go with my TMP uniform and jacket for the fall Star Trek Vegas con. If anyone has a good one, I'm very interested in purchasing it. Thanks! ---Kelvington
  4. Lt Washburn

    What are the whereabouts of the Orbital Office Complex from Star Trek: I?

    A part of the original model has been submitted to an auction house. It seems that it was removed when it became the Regula I station in Wrath of Khan. If possible, it should be reunited with the rest of the model. Does anyone know who owns it now, or where it is? Here's the model piece...
  5. P

    Star Trek TMP Wrist Communicator

    HI Folks, Long time fan of the RPF and this is my first posting here. To give a quick background, I am an illustrator and recently a digital sculptor. I have worked on fan films, and a stop motion short for the United Way Affiliate. And most recently I have worked on some toy design and I hope...
  6. K

    Refit Enterprise Reference Photos - Need Your Input

    Hello everyone, I've been searching around the FAQ and other such things here, reading threads and looking at the Movie Reference Photo sections, and have found that in the Star Trek Movie Franchise sections, there are very few, if any reference photos of the Refit Enterprise. I know that...
  7. dan1

    Star Trek Uniforms

    Ok, here is my question. I'm interested in purchasing one of the following Star Trek uniforms and don't know which to get. The first is the Admiral Kirk uniform from Star Trek, The Motion Picture seen here: Or should I get the Star Trek: Enterprise jumpsuit seen here:
  8. dan1

    Want to Buy Star Trek: TMP and Wrath of Kahn

    First I'm looking for a uniform from Star Trek: TMP Does anyone know where I could purchase one. Second, I'm also looking to purchase a white radiation suit from Star Trek II, The Wrath of Kahn. The kind that Scotty wore in the film. Does anyone know where I could purchase one of those or...
  9. dan1

    Star Trek: TMP

    Does anyone know where you can purchase Star Trek TMP uniforms? I'm interested in purchasing one, thanks.
  10. dan1

    Star Trek: TMP

    Does anyone know where one can get any Star Trek: TMP Star Fleet uniforms? Is there some place you can purchase them?
  11. Supercoolin

    Making Your Qwn Paint Masks

    After I started building the PL 1/350 Enterprise Refit with my Grandson, I began to have problems getting the paint masks which led me to look for alternatives on various forums and I found a thread on this forum which I made an inappropriate comment on (And again, I apologize doing it). But...
  12. Jediknightandy

    Enterprise Research Help! 4ft Constitution Class Refit plans/ designs (Star Trek TMP)

    Hey all! I'm looking at doing a full scratch build of the Enterprise refit from the Motion Picture and Wrath of Kahn. I know the filming model ended up being completed at 8 foot, unfortunately i'm not sure i have the space to achieve such a giant build, so I'm instead looking at the 4foot...
  13. T

    Want to Buy Star Trek TMP or TWOK Vacformed Phaser

    I'm looking for a vacuformed Phaser from Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. PM me. Thanks!
  14. W

    Klingon costume accessories

    so I am putting together a Klingon costume, debating between a traditional warrior uniform, as established in the motion picture, and more of a civilian look. either way I am starting with the accessories. First up, here are the spine plates I purchased from Katarra8 on ebay/etsy. amazing...
  15. W

    Want to Buy looking for klingon spine armor

    putting together a Klingon costume, I am comfortable with painting and finishing a piece, however my skills and tools put actually making the Klingon armor plates a bit out of reach, therefore I am hoping to put my hands on an unfinished set of Klingon spine armor. also, if anyone knows where I...
  16. norbauer

    Norbauer's Notebook - adventures in recreational Star Trek (mostly) prop replication.

    For the months of January, February, and March I rented a work space at the Artisan's Asylum in Somerville, MA (right in sight of the Boston skyline). I thought it would be a good excuse to keep me occupied and distracted during the worst of the long, depressing Massachusetts winter. When the...
  17. norbauer

    Star Trek TMP Dr Chapel Medical Scanner

    I'm working on a scratch build of one of my favorite Trek props, from almost certainly my favorite scene in all of Star Trek. It seemed like a good way to ramp up my skills for some much more ambitious builds I have coming up soon. Here is a photo of the somewhat battered prop when it went up...
  18. L

    Star Trek TMP warp intermix chambers

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone knows how much of the horizontal and vertical intermix chambers from Star Trek TMP/TWOK was a physical set piece, and how much was post-processing? Does anyone by chance have any dimensions for these constructions? I'm wondering if a scale model of the...
  19. Martin-El

    Can ANYBODY help me with a cast of an original Star Trek TMP Bio Buckle/Perscanner?

    Hey - So I throw this out there every so often in the hope I might strike - Its a very simple request but I never seem to get lucky :( Now that I'm fully committed to making the most accurate Admiral Kirk Uniform I can however this is something I dearly need - An accurate, clean resin cast...
  20. YamahaGTS

    Bandai TMP Enterprise "radar dish"...

    Hi all. I'm re-visiting my Bandai TMP Enterprise to fix a couple problems. The lighting never worked from day one so I fixed that by soldering some wires in the base/battery compartment. It works! My second problem is the "radar dish". As you can see in the attached photos it is clear...