star trek original series

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  1. Aldo The Apache

    Master replicas Klingon Disruptor

    Almost brand new condition only displayed briefly comes with all original paperwork and functions perfectly. Also comes with both original boxes. Will ship in original shipper so display box is protected. Please send me a pm if interested. Will consider offers, no trades. The listed shipping...
  2. Grimusaur

    Color Matching Star Trek TOS Uniforms

    I'm working on a digital project that involves the Star Trek TOS uniforms, and I'm considering buying the Anovos TOS neckties to use as color swatches since I trust the research that's gone into their dyeing process and I think the colors look perfect as far as my personal preferences go (and...
  3. Lunajammer

    Star Trek TOS Enterprise Lamp.. (Steampunk?) Done

    The little metal Catspaw episode Enterprise has intrigued me since I was a kid. As an adult, my intrigue has been inspired by some steampunk examples from the web and I knew I had to do something like these excellent examples. I keep gravitating toward lamps because they are more...
  4. DB537

    Is there any reliable source for Star Trek 3 + 5 communicator brass parts?

    I have a few Stapleton kits but no source for accurate brass grills and midplates to complete them. I tried to order the parts from Fed. Surplus a while back but he was unable to fill the order. Any assistance is appreciated very much. I have 4 incomplete kits that I can't finish without the...
  5. DB537

    Want to Buy Star Trek 3 + 5 Communicator Brass Parts

    I have a few of the Stapleton kits but no source for the brass parts needed to complete them. I've got 3 ST3 kits and one ST5. I need grills/lids and midplates that will fit them. If anyone knows of a reliable source for these, please let me know. I tried to order from Federation Surplus...
  6. PhuketAussie

    Enterprise Desk

    Hello everyone, I'm very excited to find this community of fans, and hope that I can share a long-term project I have in mind, and maybe hone it with some ideas that you might have. I currently have a large desk with a three-shelf hutch, built from rough recycled timers, and backed with rough...

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