star trek insurrection

  1. B

    Star Trek Insurrection Engineering PADD Build

    A few months back I saw one of these PADD's go up for auction on eBay. It was the first time I'd seen this design, and since I really love building these things, I set out to add one to the collection. I built it out of the typical 1/8 " laser cut acrylic, but I REALLY didn't feel like trying...
  2. L

    Tricorder Repair? Mark IX Some lights and sound stopped working

    Hi All, Can anyone recommend a reliable place that can repair my mark IX tricorder? Some of the LEDs and the sound are not working. There's too much going on inside that little prop for me to go poking around. I asked them ( and they have no recommended repair service...
  3. A

    1:1400 Enterprise E Decals

    Hi everyone. Would anyone happen to have a high resolution file of the decals that came with the round 2 model kit of the 1:1400 scale Enterprise E? In some of my early days of making models one of my attempts was the round 2 Enterprise E. In looking back i decided I wanted to update it and...
  4. I

    Star Trek FC/Ins/Nem wall lighting feature / sconce / luminaire

    first of all I am new here, my apologies if I have posted this in the wrong place, I could not see anywhere specifically for Star Trek even in the popular franchises area, which came as a suprise to me I am hoping someone here could help me identify this lighting feature on the wall behind...
  5. O

    Star Trek TNG era movie Isolinear board holder identifying troubles

    Hello fellow prop people I'm new to posting here so I apologise if I have posted this wrong. I recently acquired some replica Isolinear boards (the ones larger than the normal chips) and would love to display them / have them on my desk alla tng movie style I am having trouble identifying...
  6. Chrisisall

    A Father & Son build: Enterprise E

    Okay so my 12 year old Son loves Trek, probably more than even I do at this point.:lol He built this 11" AMT R2 Enterprise E model. I gave it a quick gray colour, he painted the rest, then I added the decals: :cheers