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  1. H

    Howie's Random Star Trek WIP

    Hello! Lately I've been working on a buuunch of Star Trek work - all sort of nonsense. It started with trying to figure out how to do a TMP-TUDC eras warp effects in 3dsmax and Vray, without doing a ton of passes and post work. I had some success with that: And then I moved onto trying to...
  2. awol007

    Limited Run Beware of Romulans Bearing Gifts - Romulan Ale

    Update 9/16: Going to need this weekend at least to get the first batch done. I have the bottoms and containers done (20 of them) and parts of the tops. I'm trying to figure out the optimal way to produce these. So, I apologize for the delays but they are moving along. Update 9/8: There is...
  3. The Terminator

    To the Journey: looking back at Star Trek Voyager (documentary)

    From the creators of the DS9 documentary "What We Left Behind" comes a new documentary about ST Voyager. With less than 24 hrs left, the indiegogo campaign has raised more than 1.1 million dollars, almost 11 000 backers. All...
  4. ram4815162342

    Star Trek Insignia Shadow Box - UPDATE 8/27/22: Finished!

    UPDATE: Finished!! See Post #10 for the final result! Hey all, As I've been watching through season 2 of Discovery, having just finished Lower Decks and Picard in the past half-year, I was inspired to look at putting together a shadow box display of the most iconic insignia from the whole...
  5. tykale

    Star Trek: Voyager Season 2 Episode 23 - Fear Costume

    Hi All, so, I'm wondering if anyone has any insight into the fabric used for the character of Fear on Star Trek Voyager S2:23. I've got an idea for an impromptu live performance piece that is cross genre and the character of Fear would be an integral part of that. Any help or insight into the...