star destroyer

  1. G

    Star Destroyer Avenger Reference

    Hi, after seeing Invar's build I feel like trying to upgrade my Zvezda Star Destroyer as well What I need help finding is reference pics for the side trenches. A few websites I have come across have good reference for most of the filming miniature, but when it comes to the trenches they are...
  2. Mike J.

    Colin Cantwell in Clearwater, FL, March 16, 2019

    STAR WARS' COLIN CANTWELL PRESENTATION & SIGNING, WITH THE 501ST! | EC! Not exactly a convention per se, but I think this is worth noting. Star Wars Ship Creator and Modeler, Colin Cantwell, for Star Wars Looks like he'll be making a tour of the FL-GA area in March, so check his website for...
  3. Pixelworks

    Victory class Star Destroyer - Ertl conversion

    Recently I came across an old Ertl Star Destroyer kit (scale 1:4222), I knew from the start that it had major issues with screen correctness and the overall level of detail, but I thought what the hey... I was bored and it was dirt cheap, so I bought it. After doing a bit of research and...