squid games

  1. Jake Kassnoff

    Squid Game Guard Mask Build

    I just built an eva foam mask in reverse:
  2. falloutboy

    Squid Game Soldier bodycam

    So, spent a few days trying to figure out what body-cam the Squid Games Soldiers used. Realized it didn't *quite* line up with anything out there that I could find in S. Korea marketplaces or US/International, and that this would mean fabricating. Used a screen grab to get the proportions and...
  3. Scapey

    Laser-engraved "Squid Game" invitation cards

    I thought these were a really cool design in the show, but wanted something a little bit more sturdy than just business cards; so I busted out some 1.5mm ply, and fired up the ol' laser engraver! Came out pretty well, I think! :) Anyone want to play a game?