splinter cell

  1. 213ardj

    Splinter cell

    Hello, this is a thread dedicated to all things splinter cell, anything anyone can find on parts of the costume or the specific knives, gadgets, etc. I have found all the knives (I think) or the closest things to them from the games. All help is appreciated thank you everybody. Pictures...
  2. F

    Anyone have any tips on making Splinter Cell-style night vision goggles?

    I want to make a Splinter Cell costume, and considering I have played Air Soft for years, the actual costume won't be that hard to make. I probably already have most of it in my closet heh. But the goggles, I dont know how to make them. I figured I would go with these as a base, as they look...
  3. T

    Splinter Cell Convictions Sam Fisher Costume - Civilian style outfit

    Hey guys, I know I'm new but I'd like to start my first post by saying that I'm trying to put together this outfit quickly and affordably for the release of the game on the 13th. I'm eager to get it done as I'm an employee of Gamestop and I'd like to be ready for the event. I was hoping you guys...