1. rickhoward

    Medicom 1/18 Police Spinner and Blu-Ray Collector Set

    A cool item, but I must let it go: Medicom Blade Runner Collector Set with 1:18 police spinner and Blu-Ray. It has sat in my display case unopened, since acquiring it. I love the spinner design, and this one is very nice, and its rear bumper is present and attached (not always attached, or in...
  2. Custard Gannet

    Blade Runner : Lobster Aerodyne

    So for my first scratch build I decided on the "Lobster" aerodyne from Blade Runner (although it could just as easily be called the "cobra car" from the stencils you can see on its "claw" wheel wells in some shots of the studio model. Its kind of mysterious, and relatively obscure (no toys or...
  3. Custard Gannet

    Fujimi Police Spinner Lighting Sequence

    I've spent a year adapting the 1:24 Fujimi Spinner for lighting, and it's almost broken me. It has 5 circuits and about 70 LEDs. I've already "sequenced" the lower lights the old school analogue way with 2 transistors, a capacitor and a 555 timer. Now I need to sequence the bubble dome lights...