spiderman suit

  1. thyysoares


    hello guys, how are you? I'm going to show you how I made my mask... so if you want to do it fine It will include -plastic lenses -faceshell -fabric mask Faceshell: for the faceshell I used a carcass of a mask I had from spiderman, I paid cheap. I used epoxy putty to model and made some holes...
  2. K

    i have some question in spiderman pattern print

    hi, I want to print only the mask part of PS4 and ASM2 with the pattern that i have so can you recommend some guys that satisfied me??
  3. SuperheroDIY

    3D-Printed Spider Armor MK1 Build

    (trying to move this out of the Marvel forum as that seems geared more to MCU stuff) More pics and a gallery over on my website: Armored Spider-Man Costume - Part 1 Well, after months and months and months of work, I finally have an Armored Spider-Man costume (Spider Armor MK1) that I can put...
  4. SuperheroDIY

    (MOVED) Armored Spider-Man Costume - Part 1

    Moved to 3D-Printed Spider Armor MK1 Build
  5. Botzae

    Need help regarding stained spider-man fabric

    Hey, new on here, made an account just for this. So I’m currently doing a classic black and red spidey suit with red and black fabrics. My black fabrics for some reason turned brown despite them being in the package, naturally I tried washing them going off of Spideyfit’s how to wash suits...
  6. S

    Spider-Man Suit

    Hey I was wondering if I could get advice on attaching my lenses to the mask. I don’t want a faceshell because it is just so inconvenient. But when people glue the lenses they can only place them once, and if you mess up that’s it. And it usually end s up bunching in the middle. I figured the...