1. 3hree6ixty

    Superior/Advanced Spider-man build

    Hi everyone. First thread here and I just want to share and document my newest spideysuit build, and maybe get a few pointers along the way. Basically its the Advanced Suit pattern made by TheHeroArtist that I've recolored to resemble Superior spider-man. I initially saw this and...
  2. rerix

    Someone selling good Spiderman PS4 webshooters?

    well, the title gives it away. Looking for the spiderman ps4 webshooters. The wristband (if it's included) doesn't matter how it looks. Just want to wear it on a suit, so the magnets should be kinda strong. I do own one which i bought somewhere online, but the magnets are saddly too weak that...
  3. Glydal

    Spider-Man "Insomniac" Suit Questions

    Hey Everyone, I'm fairly new to The RPF, but have been in the cosplay game for a few years now. Previously, I had made my own costumes through a mixture of store-bought and self-sewn materials. But I have recently been looking into purchasing a Spider-Man Insomniac Suit (the Spider-Man PS4...
  4. Aspiring Maker

    Insomniac Spider-Man Wrist Braces

    Hey guys First thread! Let me know if I've done anything wrong here. I recently bought a 3D printer (an Up Mini 2) and have decided that my first cosplay print project is going to be the insomniac suit from Marvel's Spider-Man on the PS4, now the lenses, face shell and web shooters are easy to...
  5. MarM

    Homemade Spider-Man suit screen-accurate shoes discount!

    Hey guys! I made a similar post in an existing thread but figured I would make a post to help spread the word. For anyone who is currently doing a build of Spider-Man's homemade outfit from Homecoming, I have some good news. The brand who makes the shoes used in the movie gave me a 20% off...
  6. allerdale

    (Into the Spider-Verse) Peter B. Parker

    I've been out of the cosplay game for a little while in terms of actually putting together a new costume. That being said, I'm working on a "Hobo" Peter costume from Spider-Verse. I'm having some trouble finding the jacket in terms of getting the right style/look + the length... It's pretty easy...
  7. Jumpman2315

    Spider-Man: Far From Home Noir-like Suit (Brazilian Comic Con)

    Spider-Man: FFH has a presence at the current Brazilian Comic Con and someone snapped a pic of the Noir like suit that is in the movie. For reference, here it is:
  8. U

    Best place to get black strapping for Homecoming cosplay?

    I'm looking for a good place to get the raised black parts for a Homecoming cosplay. I was looking at the ones from No Limit Designs but I've heard bad things about them as a company. Any better alternatives?
  9. V

    Spider-Man: Homecoming Lenses Help!

    Hey, everyone! So, I'm a newbie to faceshells and lenses and recently ordered the Homecoming lenses from TJackFX. I have already curved them and spray painted them, but the lenses are exactly flush with the faceshell. How can I remove the spray paint so that I can soften the lenses again (I...
  10. S

    [Help] Scarlet Spider Suit, Painting and Crafting Help

    Hey guys, this is my first time working on any sort of cospay and i’ve been doing tons of research on what to do. But I can’t find any sort of tip/trick on how to paint the legs for the above image... i’m talking about the black part above the knee, anybody got any ideas on what to do to achieve...
  11. Liamrocksla0

    Spiderman PS4 Ben Reilly Fabric?

    Has anyone found a fabric similar to this one that we can see detailed in the Spiderman PS4 game? i'm going to attempt to create a handmade Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider and would like to attempt to make it look something like the one from the PS4 game it has a beautiful model and texture and i...
  12. S

    Issues Sewing with Puffy Paint

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to sew a Spider-Man suit that I puffy painted. The body is going smoothly, but I'm running into trouble on the head. I'm using pieces from a pattern like this one. When I put the pieces of the head together, the fabric doesn't want to lay flat. It puckers (I think...
  13. C

    Need help with Spider-Man PS4 Web Shooters

    Hello, I am trying to build a replica of Spider-Man's web shooters from the new PS4 game, and I was looking for help to see if anyone knew where to get a wristband that looks similar to this: Any help would be really appreciated!
  14. 1

    Anyone know a DIY way to get this type of hexagon print onto a suit?

    I was checking out theRPC and saw that they offer a hexagon screenprint. Does anyone know if there is something like an iron-on that can give similar results?
  15. Lunsfuhd

    [Help] Trying to make Spider-Man's glowing eyes from Infinity War.

    I haven't been able to track down a decent tutorial but I'm looking to recreate the glowing eyes from Peter's Iron Spider suit. Does anyone have any idea on how I get started or know of any resources that could help? I'm thinking about using a mesh and led's but I don't know if there is an...
  16. JoeChang3816

    Free Spider-man Homecoming Faceshell Foam File !

    The model was ripped from Spider-Man: Homecoming - Virtual Reality And edited by me. Feel free to share. Version 1: https://www.dropbox.com/s/k3fq647hjjdg0ld/Spider-Man-HCFaceshell.pdo?dl=0 Version 2: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ofwpxy2a3d5upyf/SpiderManHCFaceshellV2.pdo?dl=0 Let comment...
  17. C

    DIY(ish) work on pre-existing Spider-Man costume Help?!

    Hi everyone, So recently I bought an Iron-Spider Spider-Man suit off Wish. The suit is pretty great but there's one major issue. The problem is with the eyes, specifically with the white lens which you see out of. Whatever material was used gives really poor visibility and completely cuts off...
  18. D

    Need the Spider-Man PS4/insomniac costume file

    If anyone knows who I can get it from that'd be great. Also want to make a little change to the webbing and the spiders on it.
  19. C

    Sewing web pattern over pattern

    So I'm working on a project to make the classic spider-man ps4 replica suit. I want to make the webbing raised, but VEEERRY lightly, just like in the game screenshot. I considered sewing another lycra web pattern on top of the red and blue pattern but I don't know if thats even practical...
  20. M

    Spider-Man 7-piece suit made from scratch

    Hi guys! This is to show my first full costume build, it's based on the classic red and blue Spider-Man outfit. It's my first time learning how to handsew and use a sewing machine so it's not as stable/sturdy as I wanted it to be, might end up remaking it sometime in the future when I can
  21. G

    SPIDER-MAN Homecoming Inspired Web-shooters | YouTube Tutorial

    LEARN TO MAKE | SPIDER-MAN Homecoming Inspired Web-shooters. "Hey Everyone!” I hope you enjoy my first ever Youtube video. I’m still learning, but I had a blast making this one. If you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up!
  22. T

    Free Infinity War Iron Spider files project

    A big part of my life has been when I started regularly updating a unique Spider-Man Homecoming pattern for free through Google drive. I upset some people when I gave up on that, because I wanted to explore some opportunities with people I consider influential, around my patterning. I’ve decided...
  23. R

    Spider-Man Zentai Mask Help (Not Fitting Properly)

    Hi everyone, this is my first thread, and my first cosplay so bear with me. —- The short version of my situation is that I am trying to use a zentai/morph mask over a toy faceshell and it does not fit properly, the mask hangs loosely over my chin, and does not cling to my head, any advice as to...
  24. MarM

    Spider-Man Homecoming home made costume

    I hope many RPFers see this. I want to thank many on here for sharing their knowledge, research, tutorials, etc. It's been inspiring and instrumental for my son and I. First, my son was able to gather all the parts and pieces generally agreed upon that were used by the costume department...
  25. S

    Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider Suit (Pic Heavy)

    Hello everyone! A while back I made my first spidey suit and only just recently thought about making a post on here to show everyone! So, I was looking to start with something a little easier for my first suit and ended up deciding on making a Ben Reilly Scarlet Spider suit. First off, I went...