special effects

  1. Darthragnar

    Samurai Oni demon costume I made for Halloween a few years ago.

    Howdy my fellow RP-mutha-F%$kers!. lol Just figured I'd share some photos of a costume I created for Halloween a few years back. I wanted to make my own take on a Samurai Oni demon concept. I sculpted this on an Ultracal lifecast of my head using monster clay, then I made a mold with Ultracal...
  2. RettMikhal

    Advice for lighting in clothing for a custom costume idea I had based on Quantum Leap

    Hello. First time poster, long time lurker. I had a crazy idea for a themed costume the other day, which would involve using a complicated lighting system attached to my body. I'm not sure how feasible it is and would like advice. The idea is to replicate, as much as technologically possible...
  3. TheRealWaples

    Scarecrow Gass leak effect

    I'm making Scarecrow from the Arkham Knight video game. And I want to make the gass canisters leak smoke in the front Im thinking about using 140round paintball canisters as the gass cannisters, and am thinking of using vape pens to have the front 2 canisters leak smoke. I need a flow of air to...