1. G

    Fabricator of the "Spawncycle" from the 1997 film "Spawn"

    Hello- Does anyone have any information on the builder or shop who created the transformed motorcycle used in the big chase sequence in the 1997 film "Spawn"? I know the following shops did not build the bike: Custom Movie Props Modern Effects KNB Effects Group Prop'er Effects Flix FX Cinema...
  2. S

    Want to Buy spawn costume

    Looking for a spawn costume. At the moment have about 500 to spend so perhaps a preowned costume as long as it fits.
  3. DarkVenom

    Spawn help needed

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  4. Shades

    Spawn Project-

    Got commissioned to make this for an Italian gentleman. Classic comic style spawn. Plan is to create a printed bodysuit, and a sock style mask with an undershell to shape. The spikes have been hand sculpted and cast. The armor will be EVA foam. Sent from my SCH-I605 using Tapatalk 2
  5. Q

    Grave Digger (not the monster truck lol) Halloween costume *pic heavy*

    Quixotic5891's 2013 Halloween Costume Contest Entry the Grave Digger *pic heavy* Halloween is coming and after putting together my stormtrooper armor and building a few other small props I decided to take a shot at building some foam armor. I've read a lot on the forums about building foam...
  6. 5

    Show your spawn cosplay costume,,,hehe,,,have fun

    this my spawn costume,,hehe,,just made it with foam material^^ TACH] this is my simple costume,,, what about yours? hehe have fun
  7. Weaselhammer

    Spawn / Iron Man crossover helmet build (Done ! 6/3/14)

    I was working recently on an Iron Man helmet which came from a Shark Mark pep model and started thinking that because everybody and their sister have built an Iron Man helmet already, that I wanted to do something different. I had pretty good success with my Iron Man/ Boba Fett helmet mashup...

    SPAWN Movie-Al Simmons Foam Latex Burnt Face Appliances

    Hey everyone, I own a full set of the Al Simmons burnt face appliances from the SPAWN movie, but not screen used. Extras that were painted and ready to go, but unused. I've worn it twice...and had Michael Jai White sign it, and it's all documented. I've been getting some offers to buy it...