space suit

  1. phase pistol

    BIN $750: Executive Replicas 1:6 scale 2001 a space odyssey Bowman spacesuit figure Executive Replicas 1:6 scale 2001 a space odyssey Bowman spacesuit figure. Condition is Mint In Box. Never removed from package. All accessories present. Slight damage to paper slipcover of box. Please review the photos and ask any questions you may have...
  2. JKRIB

    Doctor Who - Space Suit Patches

    $25 + shipping (Based on your location) Replicas of the patches seen on The Doctor's space suit (Doctor Who Series 2) Set of 2 high quality, custom-made, embroidered patches. Will bring your costume to the next level. Perfect for any Doctor Who collector. Chest patch is about 3.75 inches...
  3. JKRIB

    Doctor Who - Space Suit Boots

    $43 + shipping (based on your location) Salomon F20 Self Snowboard Boots. Hard to find, black and yellow color scheme. Used but in great condition. Recently cleaned and disinfected. Size: UK 8 US 8.5 CM 26.5 F 42 Same model boots used in Doctor Who series 2. Featured in the 10th...
  4. JKRIB

    Doctor Who - Space Suit Gloves

    $26 + shipping (Based on your location) Size: Medium Excellent condition. Extremities no longer makes these specific gloves! So grab these while you can! These are the same gloves used in Doctor Who, as part of The Doctor's space suit! Gloves can be seen in the series 4 special, "Waters of...
  5. frankgb

    NASA xEMU spacesuit mock-up

    Thought I'd share some of my work since I used a few tidbits off this site for designing my suit. I've been lucky this semester to upgrade our current Apollo style spacesuit mock-ups to xEMU for my graduate work on human factors testing for a lunar lander we developed. The HUT is fiberglass with...
  6. Lankybean

    Apollo A7L Replica/ Cosplay

    Hi All, Ive been recently watching Tested and ive completely fallen in love with the idea of building a replica of the A7L (Thanks Adam Savage and Ryan Nagata hahah) and I dont plan to get to that sort of accuracy first time around I want to give it a shot. I love the A7L suit, while ive seen...
  7. On Camera

    On Camera

    Tim and Dre in costume next to the rocket, during one of the scenes. Photo credit Joseph Gruenthal
  8. Justin Olsen

    Alien Covenant Space Suit

    Im interested and planing on making the Alien Covenant Suit Adam Savage(Mythbusters/Tested) has worn, admired in the past! idk something about this suit really speaks to me, maybe its the green visor, maybe the carbon fiber... anyway! id love some help and maybe some people to bounce ideas off of.
  9. frankgb

    Apollo Space Suit Glove Question

    Does anyone have a good suggestion for a fabric similar to Chromel-R for a high quality Apollo glove replica?