space above and beyond

  1. spacemarine

    Want to Buy Space above and beyond screen used / production made items

    Hi all, I am looking for Space:AAB items props, costume / set pieces. If anyone has items for sale pleas PM me, I have a list of items I am looking for below, but am interested in most items. Marine items : Boots Gloves First Aid Kit USMC Backpack Night Vision Goggles Pouches Other : Sec ID...
  2. vannemic

    Want to Buy Need Buzz Lightyear Costume Made

    Hi, I am looking to have a screen-ready costume made for an upcoming project. The costume would be a realistic Buzz Lightyear (from ToyStory) space suit with battle damage. Attached are some concept art I found online. I would need it without the wings. I would need painted-on...
  3. KnightAsylum

    Space: Above & Beyond - screen used props

    I heard that a bunch of screen used props from Space: Above and Beyond would be posted on a popular auction site. Not my auction so I can't be more specific, but it is suppose to be some real one of a kind items like the Hammerhead cockpit, shuttle cockpit, and weapons. That got me thinking...