sound effects

  1. Shadow1

    Sound effect system

    Trying to build a predator costume but needing sounds with decent quality. Trying to figure out the control system to activate the sound. Lookin for a shoulder cannon with tracking capabilities.
  2. Shadow1

    Sound affects

    I’m starting a predator build, I have everything bought for the shoulder cannon. I’m trying to find help for the sound affects. I want the sounds to match the action. I have the sound files but don’t know the next step. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  3. GreekGeek

    High quality Chewbacca FX

    I'm trying to find some classic high quality Chewie sound bytes (laughing, angry, chatting, yelling, etc). I've only come across some pretty noisy clips. Looking for some clean audio clips for free or purchase. These sounds will be activated by a trigger in sound glove. Thank you in advance!