1. Nowonder

    Severus Snape SCREEN USED wand pictures

    Hi everyone, I am looking for as many HD pictures as possible of SCREEN USED (not noble collection, japan or other replicas) Severus Snape's wand. From events like Comic Con, WB studio tour, or Harry Potter: the Exhibition (even though I suspect some of the wands they shiw there are fromthe...
  2. Nowonder

    Severus Snape wand pictures

  3. TK8541

    Advanced Potions Making

    Here's a little something I've been working on... it's going to be a printed replica of Snape's "Advanced Potions" book from the Half-Blood Prince. Many people make or sell replicas of it, but no one has done the complete interior... which is exactly what I am doing. I spent the first few...