1. RevChumley

    Skeksis Emperor SkekSo costume (Dark Crystal AOR) WIP

    Trying to get a head start on DragonCon this year so I've been working on converting SkekSo into a wearable costume while keeping it as original as I can. Difficult when the original is a puppet. The Story So Far: Blocking out on the head form: Little more refinement, probably around 12...
  2. 13thhr

    Rocketeer mini figure

    After my daughter (who is 5) watched the Rocketeer animated series that recently came out, she got interested in the original comic and movie. Although she’s a little young for both, she did enjoy seeing some clips of the 1991 film. I thought I’d start making a clay sculpt of the original...
  3. mahesh114

    The Amazing Spider-Man PS4 Suit Cosplay Suit (FIRST SUIT EVER!)

    ----PRICE LIST (As Of 26/03/2021)---- Suit: (Was £29.99, with discount= £16.41) Puff Paint: £21 (x3 Puffy Paint Bottles) Fillers: £1 Clips: £1.90 Homecoming Webshooters: £4 PS4 3D Printed Webshooters: FREE Face shell: FREE Red Spray paint: £6 Yellow Kitchen gloves: £1 Velcro Pads: £1...
  4. X

    Are there cheaper alternatives to Smooth On products?

    Hey all, so a while back I posted progress on making a 3d model of the shock baton from ghost in the shell, however I did get a little stuck on it, and I also realized that for what I want to do, it would be a lot of work to clean up the print lines, and it also would probably feel quite...