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  1. helix_3

    Chilling thin-pour resin to create thicker castings? (Crystal Clear 202)

    I have a ton of Crystal Clear 202, which is designed for pours of 0.5" thick or thinner. One site says that pouring thicker versions of a similar product can run the risk of "heating up, smoking, cracking, yellowing, etc." I'm going to have some leftover to play with, and I'd like to make a few...
  2. ZRE1990

    Can anyone suggest alternatives to Smooth-On So Strong Colorant?

    Wondering if anyone’s had similar results with much more affordable micas or pigments? While there’s no doubt So Strong is a favorite to many, the price is a bit daunting, especially when you are wanting to test and broaden your urethane resin pigmenting skills.
  3. Atlante313

    Stargate - Original DHD restoration

    2 Years ago, i 've got my hands on an original DHD from Stargate Atlantis, this was a battle damaged version. Few days ago i finally get done with most of that project :D The light are just headlamps, just for the fun of getting it light up, a full electronic system is on its way from...