1. AllyBP

    Smallville Supergirl

    Since Smallvile has its 11th season on comics, and Supergirl suit there is so beautiful, I decided to make it. I didn't film the process but the results are here. I'm still doing stuff at home, so I don't have professional pics of it yet, but I will soon.
  2. AllyBP

    Black Canary Green Lantern

    I've been working on this cosplay for a while now, still building everything, but I hope I can finish it soon. Does anyone knows where I can find better imgs of her sword?
  3. Bonanza

    Time Eddy II / Smallville ComicCon Doctor Who Giveaway!

    Smallville ComicCon will be attending Time Eddy II in Wichita, Kansas October 14-16, 2016! Stop by our booth and register to win this Second Doctor's Recorder prop replica!
  4. Chris92

    My Smallville Green Arrow Cosplay

    Hello, RPF! One of my favorite characters in all of comic-dom is Green Arrow. I've had this costume for a few years now, and even though I'm not 100% satisfied with it (although that's just cause I'm one of those guys who wants every little detail as accurate as I can get it :P ), I think I have...
  5. BR2814

    Man Of Steel Superman & Superfamily, and Smallville's The Blur at WonderCon 2014

    Hi Everyone, posting Saturday and Sunday WonderCon 2014 photos. Saturday - A new Man Of Steel suit with my wife and kids. The second photo is by Brent Sanchez Photography. The third photo is by Caitlin Holland at Comic Book Resources. Photo with Wonder Woman is by Calvin Lee. Suit is Frontier...
  6. Bonanza

    Smallville Comiccon: June 21-22, 2014

    In 2012 a small grassroots campaign asked the question, "Is Hutchinson, Kansas the real Smallville?" The interest and outpouring of support was so tremendous it resulted in the Mayor issuing a proclamation in 2013, declaring the city would officially change its name to "Smallville" for a single...
  7. Ghostwidow

    Help with earring replicas

    My wife and I are big Smallville fans. My wife always comments on Lana Lang's earrings and how great they are. So, for her birthday I was thinking of getting her earrings just like the ones Kristin Kreuk wears in the series. I know the great people here have a knack for tracking down the exact...
  8. D

    My Replica Man of Steel Costume with my Wife as Erica Durance's Lois Lane

    Just thought you guys would like to see the final product with an absolutely Awesome Chest Crest by Fulvio Pannese of Pannaus Props. I didn't post step by step shots of my progress mainly because I'm a total noob on this scale, and for a while it didn't look like I'd finish it, but It's done now...
  9. davedarko

    my first thread: Smallville kryponite key

    I love all the works presented here, the last days i browsed the forum for hours and hours! So here is my first "replica". A note; i will never be a perfectionist, i'm more the prototyper. As a birthday gift for a friend i wanted to make a replica of the kryptonite key. I was researching some...
  10. thomdave

    Smallville Booster Gold Costume

    Thanks to the amazingly gifted Abby Polakow, I was able to bring Michael Jon Carter to life last Friday at Comic-Con International. I've always been a Booster Gold booster, but Eric Martsolf's dead-on portrayal of the character on Smallville inspired me to place this project on the front...
  11. thomdave

    Midwick Armory's Green Arrow Project

    As frustrated as I had been with Smallville throughout its 10 seasons, the main reason I kept watching from Season Six on was the inclusion of Green Arrow into young Clark Kent's life. IMHO, Justin Hartley was a much better Oliver Queen on Smallville than Arthur Curry in the CW's ill-fated...
  12. FlyingSaucer62

    Smallville finale Comic anyone?

    Was wondering if anyone is going to attempt to do the comic book in Smallville's final episode.
  13. teecrooz

    Original Smallville props, sets, wardrobe up for sale

    Like the title says. Original screen used pieces to be sold. Wish I lived closer... Superman Homepage - News: April 28, 2011: "Smallville" 3 Day Liquidation Sale Maynards Industries - Film Studio Liquidation Sale
  14. IronWarrior777

    5 Minute Costume: Smallville The Blur

    This is the quickest costume I ever made. It actually only took around five minutes to put together. I just used some of my stuff around my house. It did though take around 10 minutes extra to make the S Shield air brushed on it. I decided to alter the costume a bit from the show and add...
  15. Sundowner

    Booster Gold Smallville costume

    Simple but close to the comic. Not bad.
  16. replicaprops

    Smallville Red Leather Shield Jacket

    Just wanted to share this photo.
  17. MattMunson

    Smallville Superman Leather Jacket - Attention davidyr1!!!!!!

    PLEASE tell me you guys are going to make Clark's new red jacket from tonights episode of Smallville??
  18. bigcow

    Smallville fans

    Smallville fans take a look at this link : :cool
  19. replicaprops

    YAY! a prop I made was used on screen SMALLVILLE!

    Last year the studio sent me a box full of props from the set for replicating. They sent the ship key to me but it was really in bad shape and almost all the symbols where worn off. I asked the prop master on the set of Smallville if she wanted one of my keys and she said she would use it if the...
  20. replicaprops

    Who wan'ts to see a bunch of screen used props? Smallville

    On loan to me from the set of Smallville is this huge lot of screen used props from the show.