skulls of touganda

  1. Dingo80

    Unlimited Run Skulls of Touganda replica

    Hello everyone, I'm thinking about doing a run of my Skulls of Touganda that I have recently finished. These are 3D printed in resin, given minimal electronics, & magnets so they hold themselves together or be displayed apart. It will also have both the 4th Skull ring and The Phantoms' ring...
  2. Dingo80

    Skulls of Touganda

    Hello everyone! Today I'm sharing the start of a project I've had in the works for years, but only recently had time to actually start. The Skulls of Touganda from the 1996 film The Phantom starring Billy Zane! I had my 3D files remade recently now that my daughter is a year old, I have a...