1. Jake Kassnoff

    EVA Foam Skull

    meant to be venom, but kind of reminds me of the grim adventures of Billy and Mandy:
  2. B

    Predator Skull Trophy

    Hi community, This is my first post here and I just recently came across it. I'm new to sculpting and never considered making props as a hobby, but here I am! I watched a Stan Winston video where a creature skull trophy is made out of polystyrene, and I thought i would have a go at it. I have...
  3. Vaan2931

    Executor / Orderly - Pathologic Plague Doctor (need advice)

    Hey everyone! I'm in isolation for the next three months so I figured.. why not start another cosplay? Gonna be working on the Executor from Pathologic 2, and will be posting all of my progress throughout the weeks in this thread. Will be awesome to see what you guy think and also to keep track...
  4. ed209

    Interest Edge of Tomorrow - Dog Soldier faceplate skull emblem

    Hi All, A while back, I started working on the Dog Soldier costume from Edge of Tomorrow (AKA: Live, Die, Repeat). I initially planned on cutting out a stencil for the design on the face plate, then figured it'd be easier to just create a vinyl sticker. I cut some foam sheets to make the face...
  5. Teckno viking


    Got this a couple of years ago from Abrahams in Mexico. Damn fine piece of work it is too. Plus came with a mini Death Trooper skull helmet (about 1/4 scale?). Anyway, I have seen most go with a Dark Grey Skull face and one added Tusks (bloody awesome idea). I went with White more So as I have...
  6. shareahack

    Full Sized T-Rex Dinosaur Skull - advice on coating/finishing/painting rigid foam?

    Hi all, I'm thinking about sculpting a full-size t-rex skull out of pink rigid insulating foam (mainly because I was able to acquire a a big pile of old used foam!). I'll be doing it in manageable sections and then merging everything together at the end. I have some ideas about...