1. LTsmash1200

    Limited Run The Simpsons - Colonel Kwik-E-Mart Kentucky Bourbon Bottles

    "Delicious bourbon...brownest of the brown tempting... What's that? You want me to drink you? But I'm in the middle of a trial... Excuse me..." A friend of mine asked me if anybody was making these a few weeks ago because he wanted one. I wasn't aware of anybody that did so I...
  2. halloweengf64

    Bart's Soul

    From the episode where Bart sells his soul to Milhouse for $5 Made it from scratch using a screenshot. Looks cool when you fold and crumple and tear it.
  3. Zinger

    Homer's Chili Spoon

    I'm making a spoon to practice wood carving. What do you think? Should I finish it or stop here and call it a replica of Homer's chili spoon?