1. Jaroo

    Custom Demon Silicone Mask

    Here is my sculpt of an epic demon for a short film. Once the mold was made, there was only 2 masks casted, one for close-ups and one for stunts. It was a lot of fun doing this project and I'd love to do more in the future. Hope you all like it
  2. Jaroo

    Silicone Batman Cowl

    Here is the process from beginning to end of the creation of my silicone Batman Cowl. The first of many to come. I plan to make a Batfleck version as well as a Fabok. Eventually I will have a whole arsenal of cowls for everyone to enjoy! Hope you all like it. Here's the sculpt using Monster Clay...
  3. Julianna Maz

    Bela Lugosi's Dracula Greyscale Silicone Bust

    I finally finished my final major project for my degree and got to show him yesterday! He's my first attempt at a likeness sculpture, and includes handmade epoxy eyes, hair punched hairline (about two inches back, and then the rest glued), punched eyebrows and eyelashes, 3d modelled and printed...
  4. M

    Making a Mold of Nara Modeling Clay

    Hi everyone, I hadn't seen this mentioned before, but if it has, I would appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction. I have made a sculpture with Nara modeling clay, and I am thinking of making a flexible mold of it. This clay tends to come in multi-color bars and is intended for...
  5. LimeyBuilds

    Bajoran Rifle with Strap & Nose Prosthetic

    Some more detailed images of my Bajoran Rifle and nose appliancebefore blending with skin. All 3d modelled, printed, molded and cast by me, or hand sculpted and cast, in the case of the prosthetic.
  6. Silesky

    Atropos - silicone prosthetic makeup -

    On March this year, I took an intensive five day course on fabrication and application of silicone prosthetic makeup, I made my character based on Atropos, the oldest of the three sisters of the fates, the Moirai, of Greek mithology. She is the one in charge of cutting the thread of life of...
  7. TheGenuineJFK

    Thinning out the edges on silicone prosthetic

    Hello, I'm very new here, but I thought this might be a good place to go with my question. I've got a silicone prosthetic but the edges are too thick to blend in properly to my skin at about 1/4 to 1/2 of a cm at various parts. Is there any way I could trim them? can I use a dremel on silicone...
  8. Jaroo

    Silicone Baby Yoda

  9. PlanetAlexander

    Using two different silicones for a two part mold

    I've recently tried making my first two part mold from C1200 silicone. Unfortunately there were quite a few problems (as would be expected for a first try). One of the sides didn't cast the detail quite right and even after attempting to fix it, it still doesn't work. I've got some Rebound 25...
  10. Jaroo

    Baby Yoda sculpt

    Here is my Baby Yoda sculpture so far using Monster Clay Medium. Once finished, I plan to make a resin mold and cast him with Ecoflex 00-20 Platinum silicone from Smooth-On. He will have a wire armature inside so he will be posable as well. The eyes and claws will be made with resin. Hope you...
  11. A

    Fake hips

    Hello, I want to make myself a lower body “suit” where it makes my hips and thighs larger. I’m very new to prosthetics but I was hoping to be able to make it with silicone? I have no fancy materials at home so does anyone know how I would go about it? I have considered buying a mannequin to use...
  12. P

    A few questions about urethane molds - clean up, prep & adhesive

    I just successfully pulled my first urethane mold off of the plug and I have a few questions. 1. I used Sharkthane FlexPro 60-20. The plug was 20lb foam painted with primer. Although I waxed the plug and sprayed it with PVA some of the primer still stuck to the urethane. What's the best way...
  13. AMirth

    Heatproof Moulding Material

    Hi all! Been mask making for a while but recently got into polymer clay and LOVING IT! The one issue I face is well... the face. When I used to make masks I’d pepakura my own files or model and print them using a CAD representation of my head. Not a scan, but a rather accurately sized model. The...
  14. HonorableWhat

    Silicone mask care

    first off im not sure if this is the correct thread to put this one at but hopefully it is, im still rather new to the site and am still awestruck by the wealth of knowledge obtainable here haha. I recently purchased a silicone hellboy mask....... i love it ouo so much easier thn applying all...
  15. XilianX2010

    Dread Bead Molding Issue

    So this was my first try at molding a dread bead (and also my first time working with silicone). I just made one to experiment and see how it would go. I constructed a cardboard box, sealed shut with hot glue. I place a piece of clay in the bottom to keep the bead from sliding or moving. I...