silent hill

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  1. DreamscapeFX

    Silent Hill 4 - Twin Victims Lifesize Statue

    This was my first build using pvc pipes for the skeleton and it was a challenge getting the 5 foot 9 inch beast to stand on one hand, but I did it!
  2. D

    Silent Hill Pyramid Head Costume Build

    Here are some pictures and info about my Pyramid Head from Silent Hill costume build from last year, won first prize at the costume contest!
  3. S

    The Red Pyramid Thing_ Silent Hill 2

    This is my Red Pyramid thing from Silent Hill 2. I used cardboard for the helmet. along with a drop cloth, some hot glue, acrylic paint and liquid latex. I kept the build on the cheap. Overall I was happy with the costume. I used my cellphones view finder in camera mode. I made a small hole in...
  4. N

    Two Screen matched Hero masks (sinister/Silent hill 2)

    Here are two of my screen matched hero masks, Mr. Boogie from the upcoming sinister 2 film (screen match confirmed by nick king) and my silent hill revelations dark nurse mask, also signed by paul jones Fx .
  5. HighlanderFX

    Pyramid Head Great Knife

    As a fan of Silent Hill, I have always wanted to make a Pyramid Head costume. Since I think the head part is a bit more complicated, I'm going to start with the great knife. I decided to base the look off of a statue I have, though it is very similar to the PH in the films. I started by taking...
  6. spazzman31337

    Silent Hill Nurse Sculpt and Cast

    What is up everyone, I hope you all had a great Halloween. I know it's a little late to post my costume build, but anyways here it is.This is my first time doing a build as I am new to Special Effects prosthetics; so fair warning I made a few rookie mistakes which you will see through out this...
  7. H

    Project: Pyramid Head WIP by Halcyon Props

    Hey there RPF :) This is my second thread here I guess, my first thread "Project Songbird" is delayed at the moment because of money and time issues. But Carneval is around the corner and I needed a new cosplay since I don't want to go as Master Chief again this year. It took me long to open up...
  8. TomSpinaDesigns

    Silent Hill - Original Pyramid Head Display

    Wes over at approached us to do a third Silent Hill display for him. This time, he had only a few (though important) elements in-hand. He had the screen-worn giant helmet and chest/arm prosthetics but that was all. The chest and arm were in decent condition, though the...

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