1. G

    Delete Please. item sold

    Delete Item sold
  2. mluder

    Star Wars STILL AVAILABLE NOT SOLD Sideshow Jedi Order Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Doing some house cleaning and letting go of stuff I just don't have room to display. This Obi-Wan is in great shape - I displayed it briefly in a smoke free home. That was years ago and it's been in storage for quite some time. There's a little minor wear and tear on the packaging but other...
  3. Soulinertia

    Sideshow & Hot Toys Baby Yoda (The Child) mods and accessories!

    I've received numerous inquiries about the mods I've done for my Sideshow "Baby Yoda" through Facebook, other RPF threads and my Instagram "soulinertia" (namely modding the arms to be able to move). So I've decided to compile them all here. I've only done a few upgrades so far, but I have plans...
  4. Flanman

    WTB: King Kong Armature

    Looking to buy a King Kong armature. Either the sideshow one or a custom made one.
  5. Space In Vader

    my imperial Probe Droid Viper sideshow in a 360 animation

    just wanted to share this quick and dirty shot clip of my beloved search-engine. Since I am a trooping as a Vader (version ESB) I really like it.
  6. B

    Want to Buy Sidedhow Collectibles Terminator T800 Chrome Bust

    Looking for the original bust from Sideshow and Stan Winston Studios, the clean chrome version There's plenty of flee-bay but their pricing is nonsensical! Thank you!