1. NuadaDesigns

    Shredder Helmet- TMNT 1990

    Was able to piece this together with some failed prints from a while back, worbla, a 3D pen and some milliput. The face mask was printed and then fixed with milliput. The cowl worbla, using a 3d pen for the details. The large blades were made with a 3D pen and a thin layer of milliput. My cat...
  2. Shredder helmet!

    Shredder helmet!

    Helmet made for Shredder costume prior to painting.
  3. 1990 Movie Shredder

    1990 Movie Shredder

    R2E2's 2012 Halloween Costume Contest Entry Costume: Master Shredder 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Build thread