1. d503364

    My shorertooper wip

    My latest build is the Star Wars shoretrooper helmet using eva foam. I've got a couple details to add to it ,but otherwise it is ready for painting. My goal is to build the entire armor this year. I bought and used the template from the StormtroopTemplates on etsy. This guy does an outstanding...
  2. Scareglow

    Star Wars Squadrons - Coastal Defender Pilot

    Hi everyone, Star Wars Squadrons introduced us to so many new pilot variants. Me being a shoretrooper fanboy I decided to build the 'coastal defender pilot' (basically shoretrooper /TIE pilot mashup). Taking screenshots has proven difficult for me as I only have the PSVR as source, but some...
  3. d503364

    Rogue one shoretrooper pep thread

    Going to start my own shoretrooper pep build. Wanted to get any feedback or tips here as well as update my progress. I got the pep files from » Shore Trooper Armor