1. Tommy

    Collector PSA: Beware inauthentic Bride shoe soles from Kill Bill

    Just a heads up – Be wary of anyone selling Kill Bill Bride shoe soles claimed to be original production back-ups. A high-resemblance (yet conspicuously-inaccurate) replica pair made by Frank Ippolito with the assistance of Norm Chan as part of a 2015 Tested project has appeared twice at...
  2. evoskater

    Mens Skechers Blaine Orsen - Casual, Slip On Work Boots SIZE 13 (Mandalorian)

    Ordered these for myself but sadly they´re too big for me :( Asking for 50,- € + shipping ( Shipping in the EU 20~€ (I have to check for the specific destination - overseas usually about 50~€) PLEASE PM ME AND DON`T USE THE BUY NOW BUTTON! Message me via PN. :) Feel free to ask or make...
  3. I

    Heaths joker shoes weathering

    I'm gonna be getting jokers shoes replicas soon. Mine will be suede like his. How do I weather it properly to make it look like the real deal?
  4. C

    DUNE 2021 Stillsuit Components

    Looking for shoes that may have been used as the base for the stillsuit costumes in Dune (2021), or a similar model.
  5. KailaFalcon

    Identifying Shoes From Bumblebee Movie (2018)

    Hey everyone! My first post! Anyways, I need some help identifying the shoes worn by Charlie Watson (Hailee Steinfeld) as seen in the pictures below! Thanks in advance! Also; it appears to me that both shoes do not have the same print... One appears to be zebra striped while the other looks...
  6. collinlueb

    Need shoe modifying tips

    I want to make these shoes from season 4 of Jojo's bizarre adventure (episode 27) and was wondering if anyone knew any solid white shoes that look roughly like the ones in the pics. so far I've found the "Nike ebernon mid white" which look pretty close but are a little out of my price range. Any...
  7. djcig123

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora

    Does anyone know of anyone or a group that can make good quality custom shoes for a cosplay? I'm going to be cosplaying as KH3 Sora this year and I'm having a hard time finding a good quality replica of his shoes. I want something that will be comfortable and has a good durability if possible...