shaun of the dead

  1. Q

    Shaun of the Dead Record Box

    I recently bought the Shaun of the Dead soundtrack on vinyl, and I thought that it would be neat to keep it, along with the rest of my albums, inside a crate similar to the one Shaun has in the film. I have some screenshots of the crate, and I can find many similar to it but I'm unsure if the...
  2. N

    How to NOT wash blood out of shirt?

    Hello all, Recently I covered a shirt in fake blood for a Shaun of the Dead cosplay - now I'm looking to wash the shirt, but don't want to ruin all the fake bloodening I did. Anyone got any tips to ensure that I'll "lock in" the stain and not accidentally wash it all out? Thanks!
  3. mbaileyh

    My first screen-used prop, or, "Oh my God, Shaun!"

    I've been a life long film fan, but only got into props in the last few years. I knew I'd want a screen used item. There's watching a film, and then holding a bit of it in your hand, texture, weight and such. I finally had my first, and it couldn't be more special. I was really thrilled...
  4. L

    A few Shaun of the Dead screen-used props

    Hi everyone. I just joined up and thought I'd share a few pics of a few Shaun of the Dead props in my collection. The first is the stunt zombie torso for the large zombie in the yard scene. This was used for the shot from the rear where Ed (Nick Frost) hits the zombie in the head with a...