shang chi

  1. Sithslayer78

    (One Shot) Just finished up my Shang Chi Costume with a crapton of Resin Cast Details

    So what follows is the build book for a cosplay contest I entered. I'm terrible at documenting builds in progress because almost all of my work happens in crunch time, but here's what I got. It's formatted to discuss the build in parts, with a sort of planning stage in the beginning. My goal...
  2. Zlurpo

    Unlimited Run Shang-Chi: Reversible Bomber Jacket

    Jacket is available! Available here in my etsy store Please not there are a few small details that will be in the purchased version that are still not quite right in these pics. The stitching pattern on the flap will match this: The inside seams on the sleeves will be a double stitch...