1. C

    Seaquest vpal com unit and or disruptor.

    I would like to purchase a vpal comm unit and also the disruptor/stun side arm from Season 1.
  2. J

    Want to Buy seaQuest VPAL prop

    Hello. I am seeking a seaQuest VPAL prop kit, I saw that someone on here had made them previously, I am hoping that they are still available. I have a S1 uniform it would go great with and less controversial than a laser pistol prop, that's for sure. Any chance they are still around? Thanks!
  3. dan1

    Seaquest DSV

    Is anyone on here into Seaquest or have done a Seaquest uniform before?
  4. A

    My Seaquest Prop Collection [Long]

    Hey guys, I have been slowly collecting a few props from my favourite Television show, "Seaquest DSV". It was the first show I fell in love when I was a little kid and I loved the whole science fiction style of the show and now that Im alot older I relies I could actually acquire props and items...
  5. A

    CGO Remote Control Scanner Prop from Seaquest DSV

    Hey guys, I am a big Seaquest DSV fan and during a recent trip overseas I got addicted to everything Seaquest after watching some episodes from season 3. So I have been slowly collecting a few of the old action figures and model kits from Ebay but I did acquire this original prop from the show...