1. Chuey

    2019 San Diego Comic-con International SDCC Fan Activities

    Hi folks, So below are some fan activities that I am helping to organize for Marvel, DC Costumers and for other prop enthusiasts. Please check out the following: Marvel fan shoot hosted by the Avengers Initiative: 2019 San Diego Comic-Con International Marvel Fan Shoot DC Cosplayer Photoshoot...
  2. Spider-Man


    Spider-Man costume for theRPF Halloween contest 2012
  3. Mark V Helmet Movie vs SDCC Differences

    Mark V Helmet Movie vs SDCC Differences

    Ok, something bothered me about the SDCC photos of the Mark V helmet. It just didn't look right and when I pulled up reference of the helmet in the movie (yes it's a CGI model) there's massive glaring differences. God knows what changes were made to the suit as well.
  4. Trooper Gal SDCC 2012

    Trooper Gal SDCC 2012

    I made this for my wife / SDCC 2012 Hope you guys like it