1. RevChumley

    Aughra from The Dark Crystal Mask sculpt

    DragonCon is coming up, so time to get started on this years project. My girlfriend requested I do the sculpt for her Aughra costume. So it has begun! First pic is a rough block in. This is around hour 5 of sculpting. This is about 10 hours into the sculpt. That's where i'm at. I'll...
  2. Jediknightandy

    Old Age Predator Sculpt- 1/4 scale

    Hey guys, Just wanted to share my WIP of this Predator I started in order to better practice my Anatomy and character sculpting skills. I built the throne quickly as a placeholder from MDF and other bits of scrap wood. There is a heavy gauge aluminium wire armature under the clay. almost 6kgs of...
  3. r3cki

    im a newb. Questions about doing an Outdoor Sculpture

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, i registered on therpf because of another topic, but then i saw the great artists here. so i thought i could get some infos about a little project im interested in. i watched some tutorial videos about doing casting with silicone forms and stuff. but my intention...