screen accurate

  1. skoota73

    RS Prop Masters 10th Anniversary HDPE ESB Stunt Helmet

    Hi. I am letting go of my RS Prop Masters 10th Anniversary HDPE Stunt Helmet. The stand and certificate of authenticity is included. This ESB helmet has the screen accurate screen printed decals. The stand has never been assembled. If you are interested, please reach out to me first for shipping...
  2. Peter Parke 67

    Need help making a tasm 2 suit replica

    Hi, I am making my very first cosplay so I don't really have any experience at this point. I chose the amazing spider-man 2 suit to make a perfect replica of but I don't know where to start. I've seen a lot of people on the internet attempting to do so but even tho they love it, the suit is...

    Unlimited Run screen accurate aluminum U-channel for Return of the Jedi E-11 blaster

    For me, this has been a long time coming. I have spent years searching for the right track/channel that matches the shape and material of the original pieces used for the U-channel on the ROTJ E-11 prop, but never found anything that fit my standards. After purchasing multiple items, only to be...
  4. atmcosplay

    Screen Accurate TFA Kylo Ren Costume - Waxed Fabric, Reforged Helmet, etc. (Video + Photos)

    Recorded my friend describing his screen accurate Kylo Ren cosplay! This is years of detailed work with lots of blood, sweat and tears that went into this costume... please enjoy!
  5. DaveP

    Done / Completed Luke's *Screen Accurate* ROTJ Yuma/ISYHCANL/Hero Tri-Rings (Unlimited run)

    Hi everyone, Back in February and following my small run of finished Luke ISYHCANL hilts, I recieved quite a bit of interest regarding the tri-ring; a few people asking where I bought them from? **Original hand-made rings:** I had to explain that the original tri-ring was hand made, and that...
  6. RetroSnowWhite

    Please take a look at my film accurate cosplays!

    Hi! I'm super crazy with accuracy, down to the smallest details. It's cool to see a replica forum!! Here are some of the cosplays I've made. If you want to read more about them please check out my Instagram retrosnowwhite :) Lynda Carter Wonder Woman. Sarah from Labyrinth Dorothy from The...
  7. yostevec

    Need help with ANH Vader Helmet and Saber

    So I've been wanting to build an ANH Vader for a while and I have the Heiland flash handle, but I need to get the other parts to add. I would prefer to use original parts, but I'm not too picky about using replica parts. plus the Heiland is missing the it's clamp Also I have a helmet kit, but...