scratch built

  1. hoosleberg

    Scratchbuilt 1/36 Y-Wing expanded universe variant

    I wanted to build a y-wing at a pretty big scale but not quite studio scale so 1/36 it was. 1/35 would probably be a more conventional modeling scale but I was using the Bandai 1/144 y-wing to measure off of and multiplying everything by 4 made for easier numbers to work with. I'll be...
  2. meandnaked3po.jpg


    The only naked three pio costume in the world! First place winner at Oz Comic Con 2021,Sydney Australia.
  3. MulletMan28

    My first ever movie prop from scratch

    This was my first ever prop build, and it started me on a journey of making many Star Trek and other props. I was always into model-making kits, tanks, army dioramas, and such but, this was the first time I scratch build a prop. I made this in about 1998 at the age of 13. simple for me now, but...
  4. zenx13

    Star Wars Speeder Bike Scratch Build & Diorama

    Greetings - I wanted to share my Star Wars Speeded Bike build, I hope this is the best area to do that. My main area of work is in Terrain Building and dioramas and the material I work with most often is XPS Foam (highly compressed pink insulation) so you are about to see a lot of pink...