scout trooper

  1. Jack2155

    Done / Completed C1 Personal Comlink / Hovimix 3D STL file (3 options for ANH, Scout & The Mandalorian) with Freebies

    Update 9/04/2021 I have finished modifying the HOVIMIX Mictips basing it on the new resurfaced parts, to get even closer to screen accuracy! -I have modeled (2) two versions. One taller for printing flat on the build plate (for SLA printing), and another with accurate height. I will offer...
  2. zenx13

    Star Wars Speeder Bike Scratch Build & Diorama

    Greetings - I wanted to share my Star Wars Speeded Bike build, I hope this is the best area to do that. My main area of work is in Terrain Building and dioramas and the material I work with most often is XPS Foam (highly compressed pink insulation) so you are about to see a lot of pink...