1. Silesky

    Harold the Scarecrow from Scary Stories to tell in the Dark

    Hello I'm part of "The Weekend Monsters" a group of artists who banded together and formed an atelier to practice our passions and realize projects and makeups, we do not make our living out of this, but it's what we love to do so we do it on weekends (hence the name), last year we were lucky...
  2. G

    Scarecrow Disneys Return to Oz

    Hey guys, I've read posts from the RPF for years as I've done some odds and ends but never done anything super serious outside my Ghostbusters costume. That being said, I want to do a costume of the Scarecrow from the 1985 Disney film Return to Oz but don't know how to go about making the mask...
  3. Sillof

    Wizard of Oz, The

    So I used a screen grab of the blu ray to get the best image I could get. I could not find any real reference online anywhere. Going with the letters that are visible "rsitatus O" I assume it was University in Latin with Oz at the end. Below the title is an image which looks to be a lamp on...
  4. TheRealWaples

    Scarecrow Gass leak effect

    I'm making Scarecrow from the Arkham Knight video game. And I want to make the gass canisters leak smoke in the front Im thinking about using 140round paintball canisters as the gass cannisters, and am thinking of using vape pens to have the front 2 canisters leak smoke. I need a flow of air to...
  5. akootbascomb's Scarecrow

    akootbascomb's Scarecrow

    The good doctor's best attempts at being "festive"...