scar predator

  1. rands1986

    Avp Scar predator computer gauntlet build

    Some photos of my computer gauntlet. Still a work in progress. Materials 10 mil eva foam 5 mil eva foam 2 mil eva foam Plastic box Red led lights Clear Plastic sheet Black spray paint 9 volt battery and battery holder with on off switch Painters masking tape. Templates from vinman Will...
  2. Mille2ej

    AVP Scar Plasma Caster Scratch Build (15 Pics)

    Hi All, Though I would post my build for the AVP Scar Plasma Caster, it's not 100% screen accurate but I think its pretty close. I searched the web for reference images and a lot of what I found seemed to have conflicting info. Hopefully it helps some of you out if your looking to build one or...