1. gmprops

    Limited Run Star Trek Voyager Mark X Medical Tricorder Electronics - lights & sounds

    For anyone that is interested, I am doing a small run of 5 sets of electronics for the Mark X Medical tricorder, including the handheld scanner. The electronics are designed to specifically fit the Stapleton Productions body kit & Roddenberry kits. These electronics have full lights and sounds...
  2. zenx13

    Scratchbuilt Baseline Scanner - Blade Runner 2049

    When I first saw Blade Runner 2049 I wanted to try to make the Baseline Scanner but sadly never found the time. I just finished a personal project and instead of going over to one of my unfinished ones I decided to start another... again (is this a disease?). I want to thank others here on the...
  3. Starmind001

    Stark Medical Scanner

    I have just finished an Iron man 2 prop, the Stark Medical Scanner. I am calling this a finished prototype. There are flaws, but I wanted to show off a bit. Hope you all enjoy!