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    ILM model shop.
  2. nightsnotover

    1/15 Vending Machine from Final Fantasy VII Remake

    I scratchbuilt this not that long ago. It's about the size of a beer can...
  3. BloodBuccaneer

    Help with Pirate Ship Models/Painting for a Film

    I have decided to make a “Pirate Short Film” over the next 5 months and am looking into different ways to incorporate models into the film. I have a plan to composite and use CG a healthy amount in the film to create scale, and film actors on bluescreen as well as on location using set...
  4. Frantikgirl

    Mass Effect - 1:750 scale Normandy SR2

    I've always loved the mid-century sci-fi aesthetic of the Mass Effect games, and the Normandy SR2's design typifies that mood perfectly. The long, thin lines; the bold colors; the chunky geometric decoration; I adore it all. I ordered a 3D print off of Etsy. When it arrived, I was pretty...
  5. Frantikgirl

    "OK, show me..." Christine (1/25 Plymouth Fury) and Darnell's Garage Diorama

    After finishing my Mad Max War Rig last year. I wanted to develop some different modeling skills: glossy paint instead of matte, clean instead of dirty, a detailed diorama, and most importantly, lights. I'd never done lights before. So, I decided to try another car. I'm a big Stephen King fan...
  6. Frantikgirl

    Mad Max Fury Road - The War Rig - 1/25 Scale Kit Bash Build

    After seeing the latest Mad Max, I thought: "Boy, I sure do love Fury Road. Wouldn't it be cool to make a model of the War Rig! How hard could it be? I'll just kit bash a couple of models together." Five years, seven individual model kits, hundreds of reference photos, and an incalculable...
  7. Seananigans

    Pulse Rifle 1/6 scale 3d resin print, moving pump grip etc

    1/6 scale Pulse Rifle printed on my new resin printer, test print shown which needed some adjustments ie mag well, thickened stock, more supports,etc...
  8. ModelJedi

    Arrival Spacecraft model

    Hi everyone! Long time reader first time poster so I hope I'm doing this right. I want to scratch build a scale model of the ship (spaceship, starcraft, transdimensional conveyance) from the 2016 movie Arrival. Does anyone know where I can find some specs, dimensions, or drawings? I would...
  9. PeterIsMyName

    Movie Accurate Harry's Cupboard Under the Stairs | 1/6 Scale model wanna be

    Hello everyone! I just watched and read the Harry Potter saga again, and started to think, what if I build a 1/6 scale model of Harry's Cupboard? And with that, I started doing some research. I have found some cool pictures. The tallest point of the door is about 1.75/1.78 meters high...